The #CTMomBlogMeet – You Should Totally Be There Next Time

There’s nothing I love more than meeting up with other like minded bloggers.

If you’ve dipped your toes into the muddy pool of blogging you may have jumped right out again or maybe you’ve started doing some doggy paddling, trying to get your bearings.  Some of us are even doing back stroke while sipping cocktails.  But unfortunately for some, you’ll find a few bloggers out there that sit like grumpy seaweed, hiding in the murky waters, waiting to drag you down.  If there’s anything that I hate with regards to blogging, it’s that.

So in an effort to unite bloggers I like to organise blogger meet ups.  It’s nice to remind us all that behind every blog screen is a very real person that has a life outside of the computer, who has real life struggles and joys like the rest of us.  Especially evidenced in Mommy Bloggers.  We have so much in common – sleepless nights, explosive nappies, constant whining…  That was really apparent – judging on the amount of noise coming from event on Saturday morning.  Not the whining – the amount we had in common.

When I was scouring the Cape for a venue that provided amazing food but also a kid friendly space, I considered a few options.  But then I went to Graze for breakfast and KNEW it had to be held there.  The food is so fresh, organic and tasty, the portions sizes are worth it and their kids menu is unlike any other that I have seen so far.  (You can order specific things that your children will eat, for example cucumber sticks and scrambled egg or cheese and chicken strips – then you on only pay for those things).





As a Mom of 3 I know that just getting out of the house alone is quite amazing, never mind being treated to delicious food and great company.  But that isn’t what I want these meet ups to be solely be about.  Yes getting to know each other and making friends is super important, but the main aim for me is that everyone learns something new.  Adding value to each guests lives is important to me.

With this in mind I asked Nikki Lincoln to chat to us about how to treat our blog as if we were a brand.  No, not be one of those people that loses their voice and just does reviews and giveaways, but how to really use the space that we call ours on the massive interwebs.  As the Digital Foods Editor of Woolworths Online she definitely knows her stuff!  How to get the creative juices going and how to know what you’re doing on the back end of the post.  I really learnt a lot and can’t wait to put it into action.

I also need to thank every single one of the ladies that took time out of their busy schedules to join us for a morning of fun and learning.  You should definitely keep an eye on their blogs in the next few weeks (*spoiler alert* – there will be giveaways!)

Besides all of that I need to say a HUGE thank you to each one of our sponsors that took the time to send our guests something special, we really appreciate you.  If you want to find out more about our amazing sponsors and stand the chance to WIN your very own #CTMomBlogMeet goody bag, check in on my blog tomorrow.










Here’s some more feedback on the event by some of our guests:

15 thoughts on “The #CTMomBlogMeet – You Should Totally Be There Next Time

  1. Thanks, after seeing those delicious pics I am starving and stopping my commenting on this post for 1 minute to grap an apple………………………………………(minute lapsed). It looks like a missed a really great meet up! Hope to attend the next one and meet some of the CPT Bloggers including you! 🙂
    Shucks I should NOT have scrolled up! Now I want that cuppucino!

  2. That cappuccino is such a win!!:)
    Thanks again, Cindy.
    I found great value and fun in the meet up and you shall forever remain king dingaling of organizers in my book, because of it! X

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