Roaccutane Progress – 20 Weeks (Just Over Half Way)

Although it feels like I have been popping these pills for over a year, it has actually only been about 4 and a bit months of Roaccutane taking over my life.

But seeing as we have crossed the half way mark, the end is so close that I can taste it.  Or is it the taste of wine?  Either way…  An ice cold Savannah (or two) will go down rather nicely when this is all finished.  (Although if I’m honest, I do drink a little bit now.  I just moderate it to special occasions – sorry liver.)

I was feeling rather bummed about the small change the last time I did a “progress” report – at 14 weeks It kind of felt like it had stopped making a difference and that the change between 8 weeks and 14 weeks was so insignificant I might as well not carry on.  But I persisted despite my ridiculously dry lips, red eyes and blurry vision.  (Which is still a daily struggle – I’ve been meaning to go to the Doc but I just never get there).

After a bit of trial and error I have perfected my “beauty routine” to maintain and sustain my skin from the side effects of the Roaccutane.  Although this now includes a factor 50 sunblock too.

Now, after taking Roaccutane for 20 weeks here’s a “before and after”…

Camera Uploads5

It’s definite that Roaccutane has made a remarkable difference over the last 2 weeks – that’s for sure.

This is going to sound weird, but without being in the glare of the sun (so in my office or inside the house) I actually feel rather happy when I look in the mirror!

I almost feel “normal”.  That in itself is remarkable enough for me.

There is still a LOT of redness and underlying areas that need to work themselves out, but after an awesome face mapping session with Dermalogica, I realised that a lot of the redness is sun damage from relying on my make up that happens to contain SPF.  (I highly recommend this – just so you know what’s happening with your skin and how to treat it).  I need to (and have since) factored in a sun block which I hope will also help the rest of the process.

Camera Uploads6

So although I still feel like the changes now are small, I am motivated to keep going (now that the end is in sight).  Maybe there is a chance that all the redness will go too!





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12 thoughts on “Roaccutane Progress – 20 Weeks (Just Over Half Way)

  1. Wow Cindy! You’re skin is looking amazing now! I went on Ruaccutane twice when I was younger. It made the world of difference to my skin. I didn’t have the same side effects as you have had, maybe because my skin naturally a bit darker than yours (only really had dry lips, which I know was very lucky as my friends and brother suffered terribly). But I do remember those weeks when there was no change, and just how frustrating it was! Well done for persevering (and for getting on the ‘SUN CREAM EVERYDAY’ bandwagon). I think I’ll book myself a Dermalogica face mapping session when I’m home again.
    You are brave to post these photographs, thank you doing so and for inspiring us all xxx

  2. The difference is quite amazing and you look so good! Good thing you decided to document this process so you can actually see the difference………very inspiring for other people out there who suffer with the same condition you have….you are very brave and inspirational!

  3. Wowee, Cindy! From having met you, I would NEVER have thought that you’ve battled with your skin in the past – your skin looked amazing the last time I saw you. Can’t believe the difference the Roaccutane has made… and well done for being so brave and open enough to post these pics. You’re such an inspiration! x

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