20 Cape Town Mommy Bloggers You Might Not Have Heard About – But Should Get To Know


Sitting down with a cup off coffee and catching up with all of my favourite bloggers has become somewhat of a necessary part of my day.

I know there are probably a million other ways that I could spend those 10 minutes, but I wouldn’t choose to do anything else.  As a Mom, the term “Me Time” is used quite loosely and depending on the day, “Me Time” could just be those 10 minute you lock the kids out the bathroom while you do what your body needs you to do or the 5 minutes your kids are playing happily in the bath before they start trying to drown each other.

My “Me Time” is while I put the kids to sleep.  After reading them a story (finally getting into this), praying and telling them to be quiet about 100 times, I zone out and read blogs.

What I love about blogging is that most of the time, people talk about different things in their own unique way.  I love that.  Hearing someone elses opinion, or commiserating with them about tantrums or just getting a good laugh – like this article.  I laughed so hard the tears were streaming down my face.  If you’re having a blue Monday I seriously recommend reading it – possibly the best thing I’ve read in ages.

Because I’m fairly immersed in the blogging World, I know and follow a lot of fantastic bloggers.  But if you’re new on the scene and have been looking for other blogs to keep an eye on, look no further – here are some wonderful Cape Town Mommy Blogs to follow:  

These are all the guests of the #CTMomBlogMeet so if you’re going I would like to encourage you to show each other some love by following each other on the various platforms.  But even if you’re not going, why not show these ladies some love.

Mariza from Caffeine And Fairydust  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Hayley from Haley’s Joys  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Heather from Acidicice  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Tami from Rumtumtiggs  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Michelle from A Thing Of Beauty  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Lindsay from What Happened To My Body  –  Twitter  ~   Instagram

Zayaan from Surviving The Madness  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Tracey from The Milk Memoirs  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Olivia from Perfectly Normal Life  –   Facebook  

Nikki from Between Daydreams  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Nikki from Nikki and Nicholas  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Leigh from Red Lips and Darling Adventures  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Namreen from Life and Times of the Fireflies  –  Twitter

Cupcake from Cupcake Mummy and Fysh  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Se7en from Se7en  –  Twitter   ~   Instagram

Liezel from Elle Kay – Living With Boys  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Cassan from Cass Lee  –  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

Faz from Chasing Dreams  –   Instagram

And of course if you’re reading this it probably means that you regularly pay a visit to 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House – so thank you!  But if this is the first time you’re here, you’re welcome to show some love to our platforms as well:

  Twitter   ~   Facebook   ~   Instagram

I hope that you have found some lovely new blogs to follow 🙂

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