A Mister Maker Party!

How do you know Summer is here (besides the beautiful weather we’ve been having, of course)?  Well, I know Summer is here because besides the sudden influx of filthy cockroaches and nostalgic Christmas beetles, suddenly our social diary is completely and totally full!  And if you ignore a few too many meltdowns that we’ve endured for the last couple of nights, I am really enjoying the time spent with friends doing things that we don’t always make the time to do.

One of the super fun things that we have done recently is celebrate to very special friends birthdays.  We celebrated Sadie Mia and Inez’s party last weekend and despite having to go on my own and feeling like I’d done my very own Impi challenge, we made it through the party and the girls had an absolute ball of a time.  They always beg me to paint and make things, but I just never feel inclined to completely destroy the house or garden or anything, and besides school fees are expensive yo.

Kirsty is always so full of creative ideas and she is not scared to implement them with her gorgeous tots, which is no wonder that her girls were spoiled with a Mister Maker party.  So much time and prep went into each craft station that I have to tell you about all of them.  Also you should know that taking pictures while simultaneously holding a one year old and following two tots in two different directions is a lot harder than it looks:

Paper Crowns:

The cut outs of the crowns were waiting to be adorned with stickers, glitter glue, card board dots and so much more.  The girls spent a good 30 minutes at this spot, carefully trying to ensure that their crowns were worthy of their princessness.



Cake Pop Decorating

Each edible pop was covered in yummy chocolate icing and their names were written on them, before the kids got to dig in an adorn their pops with loads of smarties, sprinkles and other yummy treats.  Needless to say that I had to beg anyone to take a picture because everyone wanted to devour it the second they were done.







Googly Eyed Caterpillars

Take an egg box, paint it, add glitter, glue on some pom poms and some googly eyes and suddenly you have the cutest little caterpillar around.  Unfortunately ours is already a bit squashed and not really that camera worthy anymore.



Finger Painting (For the ones and under)

Knox absolutely did not love this craft (I tested it again when we tried to do his one year old painting yesterday and he most definitely does not enjoy cold, wet stuff on his hands).  But the other kiddies LOVED it!



Other than that there was loads of yummy food and good conversation to be had!  Thanks Kirsty and Leights for an awesome morning – we all had a really awesome time!










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