Flip, I’m struggling with this week.

The last two mornings have been rough.  Yesterday Riya had a 10 minute tantrum in front of all the parents at the school – I even had to rugby tackle her to stop her running away.  Then this morning both her and Knox were competing for who could shout the loudest while refusing to do anything.  So we were late and my nerves were shattered.

You know when you hear on the radio that a Mom has harmed her children in a weird fit of crazy?  While I don’t condone that at all (obviously!) I can totally see how Moms can go legit crazy when they have kids that are continuously sick/difficult.  I can feel the switch flicking in my head and if I didn’t have the voice of reason I could see how a situation could escalate.

Before you call child services, just know that I do have the voice of reason OK.

Listening To:  So I’ve been listening to the Twilight – Breaking Dawn sound track in my car for the last week.  Although I was enjoying it I was very aware that I was slipping slowly into a bopper state that I was not quite happy with.  But then I remembered that a while ago we were watching the first Season of Flight Of The Conchords and it was one of my favourite things to watch.  Then the other day my business partner gave me their CD to listen to in the car and I have been laughing on every drive since.  I forgot how flipping funny they are and just random.  I love the random.  If you aren’t familiar with them then you should see this:

I need to get my hands on the rest of the Seasons ASAP.

Doing: So much housework.  Our precious Sandy has landed up in hospital and we’re not quite sure what’s wrong.  I feel so helpless.  In the mean time we’ve been trying to keep house ourselves and with family visiting from New Zealand this evening, we need to get in some serious cleaning this afternoon.

The girls have been so helpful though – making their beds and mine and packing away all their toys.  So while things have been tough with them for some weird reason that I can’t identify, there are moments in between where they are super helpful and make up for it all.

Making:  I considered making supper for everyone tonight, but cooking is not a skill that I was blessed with.  So instead I’ll be making a call to the local pizza place for some yummy pizzas 😉

Plotting:  So you may or may not be aware of the #CTMeetUp and #CTMomBlogMeet that I have done in the past, well believe it or not I’m busy planning another! Woohoo.  If this is your kind of thing, keep your eye peeled for more details in the next week or two.  Also keep 9 May open.  *just saying*

Watching:  We started watching How To Get Away With Murder.  Seth is already over it as evidenced by him falling asleep while it was on last night.  I’m still interested but I’ve gotta say that the amount of sex is just annoying.  Seriously.  Stop it.  It doesn’t add anything to the plot at all.

Loving:  The Zomato app.  (This is not in anyway sponsored).  We go on date nights really regularly so using the app to find new places to visit is so fun.  There are SO many places in CT and we always end up going to the same ones because we don’t know about others – this app takes that away.  You can look up the area and it shows you all the restaurants and real peoples reviews on each place.  So cool.  Take a look.








9 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh your pictures are so beautiful! We really need to date a bit more – maybe I must look into the app. Gosh it’s tough when our “housewife” as L calls our helper at home, was sick for a long time a few years ago. Best of luck.

  2. Dude how can Seth be over How to get away with Murder???? It’s brilliant! Love that show… so addicted. Every show has sex in it these days so I don’t even notice…

    • He feels that it’s catered more towards teens – if that’s possible. We also prefer things like Sons Of Anarchy and Vikings where it’s all about the plot and violence ha ha This is a bit of a twist on that.

      True about sex being everything, but I don’t need to see all of it.

  3. It’s humbling to know there are otter normal moms out there… I was beginning to think I was the nay crazy one! What is with these kiddies and their “off” weeks?? So wish I could be at the next meet up – we need a Durban one! x

  4. Gorgeous pics of the kids as always. Love Flight of the Concord. My favorite two songs are Issues and Albi the Racist Dragon.

  5. Cindy, have a daughter myself, i know how you feel – you want to strangle them and throw them away sometimes…… anger. But then we calm down and realise what gifts we have from the Lord. But warning: with daughters we have to be stern and strict from the GET GO….They DO take chances and you must be consistent in your approach. STRONGS……Pray for Grace…not strength. lol

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