CTMeetUpI regularly organise meet ups for Cape Town bloggers called the #CTMeetUp.

The concept?  A collection of Cape Town’s finest bloggers will meet to network and connect with each other over lunch.  The aim is to create a positive blogging community in Cape Town.  The grouping is largely made up of lifestyle, beauty, food, fashion and parenting bloggers.

As this is a gathering of like minded bloggers that want to get together and learn from each other, we have informative sessions on various blogging topics.  In the past we have talked about the hot topic of what Bloggers want from Brands and in turn, what Brands want from Bloggers and it was a very beneficial meeting for all.  We hope to continue along this line, branching into how to create valuable content, take visually appealing pictures and just generally make the most of the blog they own.

If you’re a blogger and want to be in the know about the next meet up, pop me an email on cindyalfino@gmail.com and I’ll put you on the list.  It won’t guarantee you a spot, but it will give you the chance to book your spot first!

I am passionate about blogging and connecting the blogging community in Cape Town (and all over the country but that’s a bit too ambitious for now).  Besides last year’s #CTMeetUp I have also organised the #CTMomBlogMeet and the most recent #CTMeetUp which really cemented the reason that I wanted to do this.  It was great to see everyone connect and forge new relationships.

The #CTMeetUp has consistently has a guest list that had a total reach of over 80 000 people via various social media platforms that include, but are not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and Facebook.



How you/your brand can get involved:

  • There will be goody bags for each one of our attendees at all of our events – there is an opportunity for you to contribute individual items for each one of the goody bags for the bloggers to try and if they like it, they will feature it on their social spaces in the weeks following the meet ups.
  • If you would prefer to contribute one or two items for an individualised giveaway, this is also an option and very well received.
  • What also works very well is offering the bloggers their own voucher as well as one to giveaway on their platforms after the event – continuing the momentum.  This opportunity could be given to the full group or on a “giveaway” basis to one or two bloggers.

In an effort to ensure that sponsors are correctly thanked, we provide all of our attendees with a little flier containing all the sponsors social media handles.

Precedent has shown that the day of the event all social media platforms are saturated with the event and it continues for weeks, even months after as the attendees start making use of their gifts.  If you are looking for a precedent to investigate then you are welcomed to look up the #CTMeetUp or #CTMomBlogMeet hashtags on Twitter or Instagram.

If this is something that you think your client would be interested in or if you belong to a company that does your own marketing and you are interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – cindyalfino@gmail.com.  We would love to have you on board.  Should everything go to plan, I will be planning the next meet up early next year (2016).


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