We Had A Shaun The Sheep Party (Including Free Shaun The Sheep Party Pack Printable)

I’ve always wanted a reason to have a Shaun The Sheep party.

In case you’ve never experienced the awesomeness of Shaun The Sheep – let me educate you quickly.

There was a time where I was planning it for the girls, but unfortunately they were old enough to come up with things themselves and would rather have butterflies or pink castles as a theme.

Having a Shaun The Sheep party for myself was probably too weird to be acceptable so when I had Knox on my birthday I knew I could finally fulfill my hopes of finally getting what I wanted.  And so, on Saturday, we celebrated Knox’s 2nd birthday (and my 28th) with a lovely Shaun The Sheep party at Millstone Cafe at Oude Molen Eco Village.

I can’t rave about that venue enough, they sorted all the food, awesome play area and farm feeling.  All we had to do was the cake and party packs.  So here’s what we did.

We made “sheep poop” using Cadburys chocolate covered raisins and peanuts.  For the non-dairy, non-sugar people we used raisins.  I popped a handful into little packs I bought at Merry Pak and taped them shut.  We cut out cute little tags that Seth made and taped them on.  Who’d of thought you’d send your kid to a party to eat poo?


Because we couldn’t make cute sheep cupcakes or other “decor” food, we focused on making the party packs the most impressive part of the theme decor (you know, besides the farm venue).  I bought white paper packets and googly eyes from Merrypak and got Seth to design Shaun’s head and legs to stick on to the packets.

First is the free printable of shaun the sheep – with space for the googly eyes.

Shaun Party pack

Next is the finished product – a sea of Shaun the Sheeps.  To make them yourselves, fill the bags with the sheep poop and other treats of your choice, then you tape the legs onto the packet and then fold the top of the packet down until it covers the tape.  Do two rounds of rolled tape at the bottom of Shauns head and then stick on to the pack.  And voila.  Shaun the Sheep party packs.IMG_20140927_094640

Now it’s onto the cake.

I bought some black fondant from Woolworths, but I also bought black food colouring for the icing (to go under the fondant) and to colour any extra fondant that we needed.  Seth worked his magic on shaping the Shaun the Sheep and then we got to work.

And then it was done! The fastest cake we’ve ever made – done before 11pm!


On Saturday morning we were up early and cursing the rain for showing itself again.  Every single year on my party it rains.  No matter the date.  Anyway, we set off (still cursing the skies) for Millstone to celebrate a party.

Let’s quickly talk about the venue.  Millstone Farmstall and Cafe is possibly the best place for any kind of remotely farm themed party in Cape Town.  There are horses and horse rides right next door for the kiddies that are brave enough and if you wanted to, you can organise with them to have rides as part of your party.

There is something about old, worn buildings that I can’t help but love.  There is so much beauty in the broken and ordinary.  Millstone encompasses that in a big way for me.  Maybe it’s a bit of a culture shock to some of us, but the chipped paint on the walls, the chickens running around and the relaxed atmosphere definitely takes over.






Above all the natural decor, I have to say that the food was AMAZING!  We ordered brownies, chicken and steak pies, bran muffins, giant pizzas, quiches, salad and the yummiest chocolate and carrot cakes. It was all seriously delish and I thoroughly enjoyed all the food.  Plus, we had a fair amount of cake that was left over which I am steadily devouring – can’t stop eating it!

We set up the “party table” with all the goodies and then got around to having a really great time catching up with friends!  (There were so many pictures that I’ll do another post on Saturday with those images)











Such a lovely day!  Thank you to all who came to make it that much more awesome for us!


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