According To Knox


Despite the Terrible Two’s being the most annoying phase ever, it has also coincided with him learning a mountain of new words and having no fear in putting them into practice.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.

Not the Terrible Two’s…  The talking.

With two older sisters that were either too scared to say anything wrong or just made up complete nonsense all the time, I was looking forward to having at least one of them feel uninhibited enough to just go for it.  Knox will just go for it.  No holds barred.  (I have no idea why I’m throwing in a wrestling idiom, but there you have it)

Here are a few little snippets of life with Knox…


We went down to the V and A Waterfront and on the way, we passed the big picture of Mandela on that building as you come off the N1/N2 road.

Girls to Knox, “Look Knox, it’s Nelson Mandela!” (Spotting pictures of him has become somewhat of a hobby)

Knox (always ready to match the girls excitement even if he’s not sure what’s going on), “Oh wow. My-della!”

And just to prove he had no idea what they were saying to him, he exclaimed, “And your della. And Mommys della and Daddys della”

I couldn’t help but have a good giggle.


A little slice of our life.

Tried to get a quick (20min) yoga practice in before supper. I got maybe 2 min in and this happened during the plank.

Needless to say I gave up after about 15 min of frustrated stopping and starting.

Seth snapped this shot, and despite the blurriness and  my exposed back/stomach and back to front shorts, I kind of love it. This is our real life at any given time.



Pro tip – the more kids you have, the more chance that you’ll have one that thinks it’s funny to poo in the bath. It’s science.


* I hear a smash coming from the girls room, followed by an “oh goo-nuss” *

He appears in the lounge and says, “Mommy tum!” (come) I walk in to find a picture frame shattered on the floor.

Me: Knox did you do that?

Knox: No wasn’t me!  Not me!

Me: So then who did this?  You were the only one here.

Knox: Oh… Uh… Me. I did dis!


2 year old just woke up, exclaimed, “No!” Then promptly rolled over and fell asleep again. Now I know he’s my child.


* Knox forcefully throws a toy gun across the room *

Me, “Knox why did you do that?  I literally just told you not to throw that!”

Knox, “I not throw it!”

Me, “Yes you did! I just saw you throw it!”

Knox, “No I not.  I just give it to da sky”

Toddler logic at it’s best yo.


There is nothing cuter than Knox doing his fist explosions (unfortunately you have to look at it on Seth’s Instagram)






11 thoughts on “According To Knox

  1. He is so cute Cindy!
    Riley turned 1 in December, We’re at that “WHAT DO YOU WANT?? I WISH YOU WOULD TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE CRYING FOR??” phase. as well as fishing for poop in the bath. almost every night. Uugh. Don’t get me started on Jamie (he turns 4 in April – help me)

  2. After seeing Knox doing the fist explosion, we have been teaching my daughter and she’s almost got it. The photo of Knox lying on you is probably my *favouritest* photo EVER!

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