And Baby 3 Is A…..

The day has finally come for the scan.  To be honest I was actually dreading this day, mostly because I was worried about the exam shortly after the scan, but also because we still had to keep an eye on that fat pad at the back of the neck.  Although the blood tests results helped to eliminate a portion of our scare, there could still be something going on there and although it wasn’t confirmed and everything was “better”, I couldn’t rest until we had seen it one more time at this scan.

The great news is that baby is absolutely fine and whatever was going on with it’s little fat pad has since rectified itself in the last 4 weeks – Praise the LORD!  What a relief!  It’s amazing how quickly they grow and already it seemed to have double in size since we last saw it.  I am so thankful that everything turned out well there but will still appreciate your prayers as it continues to grow.

Now…  You may have noticed I have a flair for the slightly dramatic and have therefore made you wait until right now to find out what our little baby is.  And if you had bets on it being another little girl…  You would have lost some serious money, because it’s a boy!!!  It’s a boy, it’s a beautiful healthy little BOY!!!!   YAY!!  I can’t tell you how excited we are right now!!!  YAY!  I am finally going to have my little boy that I have wanted right from the start – not that I don’t love my girls, but man, I wanted a boy!!

Here’s to buying all things blue in the next 5 months and thinking of names that aren’t directly the result of loving a serial killer…  🙂

Oh and the exam went okish.  I think.  You know, I just finished a 2 hour multiple choice exam in just 45 minutes and then wondered where I went wrong, but went over the answers I gave and it felt right, so who knows!!  Thanks again for any prayers and the support!


5 thoughts on “And Baby 3 Is A…..

  1. Yayness for the boy and praise the Lord that he’s healthy!! So amped to meet him! Finally blue stuff… now hoping my little munchkin is a girl… or a boy… as long as there’s just one in there… :O

  2. 🙂 Yayness indeed! I know just how you feel. Although we were pretty much resigned to having a 3rd girl, it was quite exciting to know that our 3rd would be a boy and change the dynamics somewhat. But our 3rd boy turned out to be a sweet, gentle loving little guy and not at all as boisterous as his sisters! Maybe you’ll get that too? And maybe you’ll have your 4th too and have two of each like us? 🙂 It’s lots of fun! I highly recommend it!!!

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