Am I Just Crazy? What Do You See?

I have always wanted to do those ink blot testy things.  Because?  Well, why the heck not?  And maybe it will just confirm that maybe I am slightly unstable or not…  Who knows.  But I saw this on another bloggy that I follow and I totally didn’t see the things she saw and wondered if maybe you see what I see instead?  And weirdly enough, I don’t think that  all of them look like moths which was always my initial judgement in movies.

For those of you who can deeper illustrate from my answers whether I should be committed or not, please refrain from making this knowledge public.  I’d prefer to be around my kids for as long as possible to ensure that I rub off on them.

Alright, enough non-sense.  Picture number 1 please:

 I see a weird angel like creature with hands in the air and really large wings…  And yes, maybe it does have 2 heads.  Is that weird?

Seth says: “A wolf” – just like that.

Two goblin/dwarf type creatures high fiving one another.  What, you don’t see it?!

Seth says: “Two elephants with hats”

As per the original blogger, I too see the snooty men sitting down for drink with their high heels and pointy faces.  They may or may not also be sharing the red bow tie in the middle.

Seth says: “Two bushman women washing or cooking”

I see two massive ass dogs with long floppy ears staring at me menacingly.  And maybe an old clock tower in the middle at the bottom.  (Am I supposed to make up something for every part of the picture?  Oh well – there it is.)

Seth says: “A robot lying on his back with a ladder in his crotch”

A fat man trying to wear a batman costume that got confused, because instead of Batman’s awesome face mask of stupidity that makes him unable to remove his neck or talk properly, he got a head band with long feelers attached – plus for him, it’s far more practical.  (If you haven’t seen this video, I found it amusing…)

Seth says: “A moth or a bat”.

Boring.  I see a leaf.  With a Sheriff’s badge attached to the top.

Seth says: “A woman with a ballgown”

Who has 2 thumbs and too much time on their hands now that the exam is over?  This girl *points thumbs up like in picture*.  If that went right over your head I apologise.  I see 2 thumbs up.

Seth says: “2 thumbs up”

Two beavers holding on the edge of a merry-go-round.  And yes, there are 2 massive seals in the middle looking up at them with their mouths open in surprise.

Seth says: “A South Park character vomiting or 2 jaguars running from a burning forest to a lake”

The ghosts of 2 cows kissing.  OK, maybe it’s time to admit that maybe I need a padded cell in my future.  Or at the very least, some strong medication.

Seth says: “2 Dragons looking at each other”

Two pink Chinese dragons looking up at the Eiffel Tower.

Seth says: “A gay couple running through a parade to the Eiffel Tower”

So there’s that.  Hope you see things that are more sane!

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