Preggyness Week 17 and 18

In the last two weeks we found out 2 wonderful bits of information.  First, is that our baby is healthy and that the fat pad seems to be a thing of the past and second, that we are having a baby BOY!!  Hooray!  Third time lucky I guess.

It has been a busy few weeks and not only for me, it seems as though baby has just shot out!  My stomach is huge!!

This by the way, is a picture of me pregnant with Kyla (first pregnancy) at 18 weeks.  And I’m pretty sure that I was pushing my stomach out as far as I possibly could for this picture…

There is a lot of kicking that I am convinced that Seth should be able to feel, but alas, no matter how long I make him keep his hand there to feel it he just ends up looking at me funny.  I think we are going to have another wonderfully active member of our family, it will be nuts but at least it adds spice to life.

Physically it seems to be going well too, no longer being sick and having a bit of energy really makes it all a bit more bearable, and I might even go so far as so say that I am enjoying this bit of the pregnancy!  I know, for those of you that really know me, you can pick your jaw up off the floor, I didn’t expect to enjoy it either.  Especially considering how much the pregnancy with Riya sucked.  I know that at this point I am probably giving my mom and mom in law heart attacks, as they were hoping that my hate for it would mean that this was the last one…  Oh well…  The only physical complaint that I can say that I have is that my back sometimes goes weird.  Especially if I have been sitting for too long or if I pick the girls up – which I’m trying not to do, but it’s so difficult when I am alone with them in the afternoon.  Basically the pain starts if I put pressure on my right foot alone, it then feels like my back is going to slip out of my body – if that’s even possible.

Other than that things are going great, Kyla and Riya know that their brother is living in Mommy’s tummy and getting bigger and stronger so that they can play with him when he come to join us.  Kyla was so excited talking about it the other day, that when I told her that brother wasn’t ready to play yet, she said, “me phone baby?”.  She wanted to call him on the phone – how cute is she!!

On the last note to wrap old things up, I got the results for the exam that I wrote and I have to thank you all for your prayers and support.  It turns out that I passed!!!  YAY!!!  Another thing to mark off of the “things to do before baby arrives” list.

2 thoughts on “Preggyness Week 17 and 18

  1. Well Done Cindy! Sounds like Kyla cant wait for her little brother! Great news that all looks well with little man and I hope your pregnancy continues to be enjoyable 🙂 x

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