What To Do, What To Do?!

Oh the joys of potty training!  It’s just so much freaking fun!

(Yes that is egg on Kyla’s face…  But it’s literal egg and not like the saying “egg on her face”.  Is that a real saying or one that is just in my family?! Oh who knows)

After the last little instalment of Kyla’s escapades we are still going strong.  Despite a slight lapse when she was sick – I just couldn’t help giving into her, plus she had a bit of the runs – not fun.  We have now escalated it to wearing panties all day (mostly after the morning poo – more on that in a second).  She also has a really cool star chart that we made and she coloured in, with special stars to stick on with each wee, which she really adores.

Now the problem…  How on flipping Earth do I get her to do a poop on the toilet?  Today we literally had 3 poo accidents where it was so bad that we ended up throwing away the panties.  (Yes, this is an expensive waste.  But I’ll be darned if I am going to wash that out.  My stomach can’t take it.  Plus, it’s just disgusting.  If anyone is strongly against this, you are welcome to come over and wash them out for me.)  I actually cut the one off of her this afternoon, I wasn’t going to risk trying to pull it down and get it all over everything.

In terms of motivation, we have promised 2 stars for a poo and even a brand new dress that she can go and choose for herself once she makes her first poo on the toilet.  But to no avail.  She hasn’t managed to even do one on there yet.  Not even a half a one.

I suppose the main factor here is patience and time.  But I would really appreciate any tips from Mommies who may have been there, because let’s face it, the shorter time, the better?

The only suggestion that I’ve gotten besides the star chart and waiting it out, is letting her walk around nakies.  But it is too cold for that right now, so unfortunately this is not really an option.  So really, anything else that you can think of, give me a heads up!  Thanks

4 thoughts on “What To Do, What To Do?!

  1. This has been one of my biggest worries in life. I often thought about what I’d do if Lihle was 7 years old and still not potty trained. Thankfully his OT gave us a deadline for potty training and all parental parties worked super hard to meet the goal.

    But little L actually started off his potty training by squatting outside in the garden (yay gleen-up human poo off the lawn). At least he was sorting out himself. It was just about aiming it in the right vessel. So we just took the potty to him wherever he was about to squat. At this stage he was a little frightened of the toilet.

    Eventually he would pull out the potty for himself (we still have to help with getting his pants and underpants off). Potty then disappeared and the only option he had was the toilet. He now takes himself even if he doesn’t need the toilet. He just like sitting on it.

    All this took a few months rather than days or weeks, but when he was ready he was ready. We couldn’t force the issue. We just had to encourage him and work at his pace.

  2. It’s totally normal for the poops to take a while. No great advice besides ‘vasbyt!’. Oh – and it took me FOUR kids to figure this one out: to clean the panties and child all in one go plop them in the bath with only undies on and spray them down with warm water (assuming you have a hand shower attached to the bath). You don’t have to touch any poo that way! If you can get them to step out of their undies all the better. I’ve been known to take the offending undies outside and hose them down there too. But the bath and warm water idea works wonders. Get them to stand and touch their toes first while you spray away and then sit down and spray from the front. Then soap them all up and respray. Voila! 🙂

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