Picnic At Our Old Flat

Quite a few Saturdays ago, we spent the morning in our old flat.  This is where Seth and I lived for the first time together, when we had just gotten married.  I haven’t ever really mentioned much about the place – something I hope to change, but realistically this will be when I am totally out of other things to write about, so until then this will have to do.

We lived in the flat for just over a year, getting to know each other even better and enjoying the freedom of new, childless marriage.  It was such a great time that I get totally nostalgic every time we visit the place.

Since our previous tenant moved out and we needed to redo the floors, we thought that it would be good to do it before the new tenant moved in.  And of course, Mr DIY himself wanted to do the hard work all on his own (crazy).  So we trekked all the flooring, tools and food making things to the flat to show the girls the flat and enjoy a picnic together on the old floors.

Besides getting the impromptu photo shoot that I posted a little while back, we sat together and had scrambled egg on the floor while waving to the trains that went passed, and wondering about the lives of all the people that lived around us.  Most of the waving and wondering was done by Kyla who had so many questions about pretty much every thing.  It was great.  Here’s a little photo tribute to our excursion.

(On a small side note, we gave up on doing the floors as one of the necessary tools that Seth needed broke.  Plus I was over it, so we got someone in to do the floors instead.  This is why I don’t actually have a picture of the finished product.  It looks great and the new tenants are in and seem happy – yayness!)

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