Preggers with Raisin

Having literally just given birth to Kyla, one would think that we would know how to make babies and how not to.  🙂  Also given that everything I had read said that one is most fertile after giving birth, you would think that we would not be pregnant again only 3 months later…  Now although this was not “planned” as such, it is still an amazing gift from God and we were terrified but also very grateful for the new little bundle on it’s way.

Again for this pregnancy we found out quite early on.  I started looking pregnant from like the first week that we conceived, so much so that people in the office were joking with me about it. We broke the news to our parents the day we found out, which we thought was roughly around 5/6 weeks.  My parents kinda knew off the bat, but Seth’s parents thought we were joking.  I think it still took another couple of weeks and a scan to help it settle in.

We went for our first scan when we thought were were about 8/9 weeks.  Expecting to see this little, unshelled peanut looking blob on the screen as we had with Kyla.  We met with our gyne, who was surprised to see us and asked if we were happy or sad, and then went for the scan.  To our great amazement we saw an unshelled peanut looking blob WITH ARMS AND LEGS!  We were already 12 weeks!!  Shocked to say the least – we realised that our due date would be 3 August 2010, only 3 weeks after Kyla’s 1st birthday…  Nevertheless this cemented our excitement as everything was going smoothly and we broke the news to the rest of the world.

We decided that we were going to try and be as crazy as Simon and Claudette and not find out the sex of the baby, though Seth had always wanted to not find out – I was the OCD one with Kyla.  Although we were both keen for a boy, we were not really that set on it, as we plan to have at least one more kiddie, who will hopefully fill those boy shoes.  It still boggles my mind that people are so upset that we weren’t finding out the sex.  When we did with Kyla, they were upset that we did and now they were upset that we didn’t…  Don’t even get me started on how angry (yes, angry – can you believe it) people were that we weren’t telling anyone the name!  Can’t please people I guess.

The Peanut with arms and legs that we call Raisin

The pregnancy as a whole was a very trying one as I was continuously ill, so the following may sound quite tedious but this is for me to remember how it was and not for you to feel sorry for me or anything lame like that…

The first trimester was rough.  Morning sickness that presented itself in more than just vomiting.  The only thing that seemed to help was to eat… And keep eating.  So that is what I tried to do.  Although I feared the worst for my waistline which was already 3kg heavier than the start with Kyla, as I had not had the chance to work it off.  (Shallow, sinful me).  I was also very, very tired.  Besides having a 3-6 month old who was still getting into sleeping through the night (which she did most often – praise the Lord), I had to go back to work.  I fell asleep at any given opportunity – putting Kyla to sleep, watching TV, traveling in the car – although thankfully not when I was driving.  I thought my ligaments etc were still loose enough from Kyla, however my body proved me wrong as everything was sore again.  All in all it was a trying first few months.

Baby was growing well though – undeterred by my illness.  My precious little bundle.

The second trimester is when you are supposed to have energy…  I did not feel this at all.  Maybe it was having a crawling 7-9 month old that I had to carry often.  I also work in a place that has 3 flights of stairs and then another 1 to get to my actual office.  I tried not to get upset about it and viewed it as my daily gym excerise.  This was also when the sulphur burping/vomiting started.  It was innocent enough when it first began.  A sulphur burp here and maybe a fart there.  Nothing too bad.  It progressed to vomiting out everything in my body until I just couldn’t anymore.  This is extra crap when you are starting to get massively pregnant and my stomach muscles ached continuously.

Ignorant of my sulphurness, baby continued to grow well.  All scans showed that everything was good.  She started kicking at roughly 16/17 weeks and just didn’t stop.  I miss having my intestines kicked actually!  At the 20 week scan of heart, brain etc all was perfect.  She was slightly lower than average but gyne wasn’t concerned as I am not exactly tall…

Bring on third trimester where the end is in sight.  This trimester just added on more bouts of sulphur sickness and stopped me eating my most favourite meal in the world – Bacon and Eggs (or any pork for that matter)!  I couldn’t freaking believe it.  But it seemed to work, so the sacrifice was worth it. Seth was absolutely amazing throughout this whole ordeal.  He did all the washing up, cleaning etc.  I don’t think I would have coped if it was not for him and his support! Then week 38 dawned on us.  I was getting sick now, regardless that I was avoiding those banned foods.  We went to the gyne who said that the only problem/thing that has changed is that I am pregnant.  So the only way to stop the sickness was to not be pregnant anymore…

Dumbrill suggested that we induce at 39 weeks.   I agreed then as I was feeling so disgusting.   Then we went home and I thought about it, read about it and prayed about it and decided that there were too many potential problems (I will go into more detail in another blog) so we would rather wait.  I didn’t want to bring this baby in to the world early just because I was struggling.

Not even 3 days later I could hardly keep any food down for 2 solid days, so we prayerfully decided that we should induce as not eating enough was obviously not going to help baby.  On Monday morning we went into Dumbrill’s office and spoke about the induction in more detail.  Although I was still not 100% convinced, it was still better for baby to be out than for both of us if she stayed in.

Induction was then booked at Vincent Palotti for us to book in at 12am on 28 July 2010, only 2 weeks after Kyla’s first birthday…

I must just say that even through the crappy feelings, I enjoyed having this precious bundle grow inside me.  To be able to have one of our very own flesh, 50% me and 50% Seth is an amazing gift – def worth all the suffering.

6 thoughts on “Preggers with Raisin

  1. Hey Cindy! I dig the background! What exactly does Seth do?? Talented young man!!
    Lovely for you to record this pregnancy – as difficult as it was. I’m amazed at how quickly I forget the things that I thought I would NEVER forget. Now I can barely remember which ones of my pregnancy were the easiest!!
    Kyla is very cute too 🙂

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