5 Year Wedding Anniversary Today!

Wow.  5 Years.  5 Whole entire years!  Actually I guess it’s 8 and a half if you include the dating years – which I do…  It’s not like those years before don’t count for anything, it’s how we got to where we are today.  I can’t believe we have made it so far so quickly, it has just flown by in a whirlwind of crazy.  I didn’t think anything would happen to stop us getting here, but so much has happened in just these 5 little years!  Getting through the first year of marriage and adjustment, getting 2 dogs, a house to look after and let’s not forget 2 and a half children!  It has been a very hectic and tiring 5 years.

5 years is rather a large milestone.  Ok maybe not if you are already past it, but it seems like a big chunk of time right there.  So I checked what you are supposed to do to celebrate this particular milestone.  And according to Google, you are supposed to give each other a present or theme a party or whatever in relation to wood.  Really?  What do you give each other that’s made of wood?  Besides a new kitchen or wooden floors or something?!  I would totes welcome any awesome and creative ideas, because I have none!

It has also been a fantastic 5 years of getting to know each other and bonding our marriage into something more than just something that we “do”.  Going through all of these new challenges together has really tried our communication skills and love for each other, but at the end of the day I think we have grown so much closer together because of it.

I mentioned in a previous post a few little known details about my precious husband, and I am sure you can see how easy it is to love this man.  I truly cannot wait to spend the next 100 years with you Seth, getting to know you more and going through the ups and downs of life together.  There is no one else that I would rather spend my life with and I am really grateful for what we have together.  I can’t wait to be sitting next to you in our old age home shouting at each other to turn up our hearing aids and figuring out where we left our teeth.

I don’t think I ever posted the pictures that we took on the beach after the reception.  So here you go, let’s go back in time to 21 March 2007 (this is a link to the ceremony post, I did this before I got into Picasa, I haven’t changed it, so enjoy the old school photo slide)…

It was a really windy day on the beach…

Our fab grooms people…

I love this man!

The water was flipping cold!!


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