Morning Sickness, I Freaking Hate You.

I may have previously mentioned how badly the early phase of pregnancy affects me.  I may have mentioned it a lot.  But really, I don’t actually think I know many people who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the extreme morning sickness that I have, and darn it, I’m just so jealous of those people.

The sole purpose for this particular blog post is that I don’t forget this feeling.  My memory is rubbish, I can watch a movie and not be able to tell you what it was about the very next day.  I vaguely remember how bad my morning sickness was with Riya, oh, and the little side effect that it lasted THE FULL 9 MONTHS!  So I really don’t want to forget again when we consider having baby 4.  (I know I said I won’t do it, but I can promise you we will consider it a lot)  I am feeling very, very privileged to be pregnant again and I am trying very hard not to take it for granted, but after feeling like this for the last 8 weeks, I am starting to feel a bit over it.  Not the baby, just the pregnancy.

So back to you, Morning Sickness.  Or should I say Every Waking Moment Sickness.  Yes, I caught you out on your ridiculous name!  I freaking hate you, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

  • I hate that I constantly feel car sick, whether I’m moving or not.  All. Flipping.  Day.
  • I hate that I can’t eat my fav meal of all time (bacon and eggs) without feeling like I’m about to vomit all over myself.
  • I hate that I crave lovely foods to the point of tasting the deliciousness, but when I get it I can’t eat it.  Or I eat it and face the consequences.  Which really suck.
  • I hate that I feel like I’m not feeding this poor tiny little baby because all I manage to get down besides a few odd proper meals is marg on toast.
  • I hate that I am starting to hate toast.  I mean really, who hates toast!?!?
  • I hate that when I enter a building, I make sure to locate the toilet so that I know where to run if the need arises.
  • I hate that I feel so grim that I need to resort to watching TV or painting to make it through the afternoon with the girls.
  • I hate that I have to miss out on things because I just feel so weak or sick that I can’t participate.
  • I hate how, although they try, no one really understands this feeling unless they have been there themselves.
  • I hate that when my child is sick, it takes every little bit of my self control not to vomit on top of her when she vomits.

All that being said.  I am actually kind of thankful.  Yes, you heard me.  Thankful.  I am a worrier of notable proportions.  And even with the constant, persistent sickness, I still sometimes think it’s not real.  If I didn’t have this sickness to remind me that it was “all going well” in there, I would probably be freaking out all the time.

Looking forward to meeting you little baby, all of this is definitely worth it!


8 thoughts on “Morning Sickness, I Freaking Hate You.

  1. shame Cindy! thinking of you. I also had it real bad in the beginning. it SUCKS! but hey, before you know it, that little one is in your arms 🙂 hoping it’s a boy 😉

    • Here’s to hoping it’s a boy – will defs make it all worth it 😉 (Although it would be worth it for a girl too, but you know what I mean)

  2. I am going through this right now, sick all day everyday even water comes up, i hate hate hate this feeling, this is my third child, my son isn’t even two yet and I can barely take care of him :(. when i was pregnant with him it was similar as well :”( reading this post, I related to every single part of it, except the toast , i can’t even hold that down 😦 everyone tells me try ginger, hard candy, I’ve done it all , I’m only 2 months and a bout two weeks, this baby was obviously a surprise, and I highly doubt I want another after this experience, I hate all day sickness , i just don’t know what to do anymore , solid foods hurt when they come up, 😦 I’m in need of any any any suggestions

    • That really sucks! Ginger is apparently very good at settling the tummy, but it never worked for me either. I hope that you manage to keep something in soon and that you get through the rest of the pregnancy without any other problems!!

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