Cheers To 6 Years

Hey that rhymes.



Sitting here listening to this song takes me straight back into time – 6 years (and 5 days ago to be exact – soz, holidays got in the way of posting this on time!).  It fills me with nervous butterflies as I waited, hidden behind the wall at the back of the church.  At just the right part I had to step out and walk down the aisle to marry the person that knows me like no one else, the one that I want to spend the rest of forever with.

Thinking about it, “nervous” would have been an understatement of how to describe my feelings that morning – not because of the huge commitment I was about to make, but because doing this would mean talking in front of a lot of people…  And I’m not too good at that.  But really, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life growing old with this man, loving, joking and arguing out our years together.

Now looking back on the last 6 years of marriage and I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful time.  Marriage is difficult at the best of times but we made it through.  I still kind of laugh when I look back at our wedding pics and see your lip ring and how young we look (although your current look is much younger – LOL).  No wonder people had to hide their shock when we told them that we were married – we were just babies.  (I can say this because 6 years extra totally makes me mature and like, old and stuff)

Unfortunately this year we can’t do a romantic getaway to Pringle Bay or tour our town like we’ve done in the past.  But this time we could celebrate our anniversary with the products of our love for each other.  At this point in our life I can’t think of anything I would rather do!

Love, love, love you!

10 thoughts on “Cheers To 6 Years

  1. Lovely post Cindy 🙂 And by the way you still as beautiful as ever! Was looking at you yesterday at Liz’s place and secretly admiring how beautiful you are (even with all the stresses that go with 3 kids, career, life etc) Well done my friends for being the beautiful couple inside and out! God bless you with many more fabulous years together! Love Kooymans xxx

    • Aaaw Zo! You are way to sweet – you always know the best things to say that just make me feel amazing! Thanks to you for being an amazing, supportive and wonderful friend to me for those 6 years (and those before!).

    • Yeah, flip man! 3 kids and a job and you’re still gorgeous… I just have 2 and I am home with them and I look like I do… What’s your secret!

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