The Bump Out Of Hiding – Preggyness Week 12

As per usual I am super duper delayed.  Seth hasn’t worked from home much this last week and I have just been falling asleep at like 8pm every night – thus the severe lack of blogness from my side.  Soz about that.  Although we are now 13 weeks, I took this picture at 12 weeks, so this will be a review on that week :).

I am so glad that we have made it to the “safe zone”!  Although I wasn’t really that worried, finding out at 4 weeks meant that we had another 8 weeks where “things could go wrong”.  Praise the Lord nothing has happened so far.

Admittedly I am not very good at taking pictures of the bump.  I kinda hate those self portrait pictures taken with a camera in the mirror, so I promise that I will not do it.  Come to think of it, I never was good at taking any pictures, for any of the pregnancies.  That’s why I can only compare a 12 week picture now to a 17 week picture with Kyla.  But to be honest I can’t see much difference! SCARY!  Let’s hope it’s a boy! (Believe it or not the now picture of baby 3 is the one at the top!)

I really, really wanted this pregnancy “capturing” to be a bit different.  As it is my last pregnancy, I want to capture all the little moments and things that I didn’t get to the first 2 times.  But even as I write this I realise that I have taken a picture almost a whole week ago and done nothing with it! Oops.

  • How are you feeling?
  • Week 12 well really well actually.  No vomiting, just queasy and I can deal with that.  It also seems like the headaches have started.
  • Any cravings or weird foodie things?
  • We have been eating loads of junk because I’m struggling to cook.  So really craving good home-made food (which thankfully we get twice a week from Seth’s parents).  Had curry again for the first time the other day and it was like heaven in my mouth.  I have been avoiding it, not because it’s bad or anything, I’m just worried that if it’s burns so much going down, how much worse will it be if it happens to come back up…  Gross I know.
  • Are you struggling with anything?
  • Um, besides trying not to be viewed as a crazy hormonal woman, nothing at all.
  • Tips that you have found useful in this last week?
  • Nothing really.  Soz
  • Progress on the baby room?
  • Would it be a bad thing to have them all in the same room?  Even if it is a boy?
  • How are the girls dealing with it?
  • Kyla keeps asking me where the baby is, when I show her she gets all excited, then says, “Me play baby”.  She is so excited to have another sibling and can’t wait to play with it.  Long may it last!!

4 thoughts on “The Bump Out Of Hiding – Preggyness Week 12

  1. Oi – I did the camera in the mirror thing… don’t be hating!!

    Glad you’re feeling better. And its fine to have them all in one room for a while! Doesn’t baby sleep in the moses basket in your room anyway?

    • Yes, I hereby confirm to all of bloggy land that this is my last pregnancy. I don’t think that I can physically go through this again. :/ Worth it through, but I think 3 may be our limit any way 😉

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