Walky Talky

Things in the Alfino household have really been happening in a far faster way than I thought was possible.  A couple of months ago Riya started walking…  I know right!  She was only 9 months old, who does she think she is walking around like a big girl?!  She did short walks of about 5 or 6 steps, but now crosses an entire room and can actually steady herself between steps and not just move forward in a gravity propelled run-fall.  She is however completely fearless and will decide to attempt perilous trips between couches over toys and books, often at her own peril.  This is particularly amazing because Kyla (the overly cautious) only started attempting this at about a year and 2 months.  This again just proves how different they are.

My favourite bit about her walking is how she is using her hands while she’s doing it!

Kyla on the other hand has gone from the mute, “point finger and grunt at what I want girl” to a real little toddler who can say so many words, it seems like a new one every day.  I won’t list all of them for you (mostly because I won’t do her justice and will forget a lot of them), but I will give you my favourites:

Mommy – This took forever to say, as she was very much a Dadda’s girl.  Now it is her default when she doesn’t know what to call something.  I most often hear this eminating from her room in the middle of the night or when she wakes up in the morning – it sounds something like, “Mommy….  Mooooommmmmy…. MOMMY!  MOM!  MOMMY! Moooooooommmmmmmmmmy”.  My favourite is when it is said in response to “Whose girl are you?” (Small victories).

Ok – This is pronounced “Oki” with quite a high pitch at the end – so cute!  Weirdly enough she says this when I ask her to do something!!  Long may it last!

Good Girl – Once I tied a belt around her waist and she patted my check and said “Goo Gir”…  I totes LOLed at that!  She also says it to Riya a lot if she does something that she approves of.

We are starting to have really gorgeous conversations – I absolutely love this talking business!

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