Let The Terrible Two’s Begin!

I can’t believe it is time to write to my oldest daughter about turning the big 2!!!  What a roller coaster ride we’ve had so far and we’ve only just begun to get to know each other.

Firstly a big fat, glorious HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!  I thank God for each day that he has given me to spend with you and I pray that there will be many, many more to come!

Since your much anticipated arrival into this world you have done so much – you’ve become a big sister, learned to walk, learned to talk and so much more!  It is so difficult to explain your beautiful personality in one blog post, there are just so many facets to you already.

You are so exceptionally cautious, always aware of your surroundings. You won’t do many things without thinking it through first.  Your favourite game is to hide when Dada comes home (normally under a table) and pretend to be sleeping (snoring noises included!) so we can hear where you are before we see where you are.

If Riya is crying you will jump up (no matter what you are doing) and go and get something to sooth her.  You are always ready to try and make anyone sad feel better.  You will dance to any music – any time, anywhere!  Your dance moves are inventive and glorious, inspired and crazy.  I love dancing the Hokey Pokey with you a shouting at the Radio to play more music! (“More, more, more!!!”)

You are incredibly talented at doing puzzles, today you did a full alphabet puzzle all by yourself without any help.  Never mind being able to recognise words and put the matching ones together.  You eat well now (I say now because we seem to be over the “I don’t like it so I will vomit” phase) and your favourite foods are spagbol or any type of pasta, fish and chips, bread, chocolate, Tuc biscuits with fish paste, CHEESE  and Flings (at least I reflect in you somewhere) – all of these food get a wiggle and a “nom nom” while you eat them.

Your kisses are rarely given freely, but when they are they are so special to me – my favourite is when you grab my face with your hands.  I love talking to you about your day and what you did.  I even love the fact that you only call me in the middle of the night and then we cuddle in bed while you kick Dada in the head.  I can’t express in words how you have changed me into a better person, teaching me patience, understanding, love, thoughtfulness, responsibility and even a bit of telepathy!  I love you so much my Kyla-La-La and I will never stop!!!!

My turn! My Kylie Cyrus, everything your mother has said I echo, but there are some things I really love which are special to you and I. It was such a privilege and blessing being able to spend almost all day, everyday with you in the 1st year and half of your life. I will never forget hearing your little footsteps every 10 minutes coming down the passage to see me while I worked at Ga and Papa. I thank God that I always made time for you, because I knew how rare and special it was. I loved it and miss it terribly. It was quite an adjustment for both of us when I moved jobs and only saw you 2 hours a day. The first month was the worst, as I could see how it affected you. Though it did make me feel special that you missed me that much. Now we both cherish our time together. I love trying to find  you when I get home, even though I know exactly where you are. I love our chats before you go to sleep. I love how you are slowly starting to understand who God is, and how much He loves you. You are so special to me my love, I could go on forever, but I’m scared I might start weeping. I never want to take you for granted. My girl you are perfect and I love you with every bit of me.

7 thoughts on “Let The Terrible Two’s Begin!

  1. You guys are making me cry!! Just a wonderful wonderful post! Enjoy your precious one 🙂 and Happy Birthday to Kyla!

  2. Happy birthday my precious first grand daughter. You are a very special person in our lives. Thank you for the joy you have brought to us and I know we are going to be blessed for many years to come with your love for life, dancing, shopping, playing, etc. We pray that you will come to love the Lord Jesus with all of your heart. Thank you for being you.

  3. Wow guys, this has brought to me to tears!!! Such a beautiful post! Kyla you are so loved! Much love from us! Have a super birthday today! Lotsa love Aunty Zoe & Leah xxx

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