He’s FINALLY Walking!

We officially have no more babies in our house.

I’m simultaneously ecstatic and miserable about this.  Weird hey?  I guess it’s because I know that he is the last baby that we will have – no really, I think 3 is enough.  After much debate and a lot of back and fourth in my head, I really do think that we are done with this phase – as sad as that makes me.

But it’s like he can read my mind.  Actually, I know he can, because he is making up for all his growing up with doing all these cute new things.  In his latest growth spurt he can now point to a whole load of body parts, he love to make you laugh and is showing the signs of a really good sense of humour, he plays ball with the dogs, he shouts “Mama” when I come home from work and he is just suddenly soaking up everything that he sees.

And as if that wasn’t enough – he walks!  Not only when he thinks that we aren’t watching.  He actually let me record it!  (But it’s not loading on here, so you’re going to have to check it out on Instagram or the Facebook page if you’ve missed it.)


I should say though that he took long enough to decide to walk – he is pretty much almost 16 months old!  If I had to gauge on what’s normal for our kids it would probably be Kyla and Knox who both started around 15 months – Riya  was a weird phenomenon that came to really test our baby proofing when she decided to walk at only 9 months old.

But being the baby seriously has it’s privileges.  He doesn’t have to do anything except point, grunt and possibly add a fake cry (that he’s learned – and perfected – from the sisters) in order for his doting sisters, grandmothers, great grandmother, mother, father, grandfathers or any other poor sucker in the vicinity to do his biding for him.  He is the toddler version of the Godfather (cos seriously, who could even make out half of what he said either).


Now he has taken to surprising me with a “Buh”, when he just pops up in a new place without the warning of the slap of his hands on the floor.  He is oh so proud of himself and we are oh so proud of him too!

Better late than never right!

7 thoughts on “He’s FINALLY Walking!

  1. Oh cute! My angel also just started walking last week at 14 months. I was starting to think he was slow. What an amazing phase!

  2. I’m so glad to hear about babies starting to walk ‘late’. My son will be 14 months old on the 28th and he can walk but he still wants to hold on to my finger or hold on to the furniture or rather crawl. lol! I wish we didn’t compare our babies to others but it’s so difficult not to worry when it comes to their development hey. Note to self: Don’t compare! Lol! 🙂 I love your blog btw.

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