The Love, The Wish And The Wardrobe V.1

Recently I have found myself thinking about beautiful clothes and gorgeous things and so I find myself wondering into all these intriguing looking shops and sometimes walking out with something fabulous.  Upon further reflection I have realised that I love gorgeous clothes and I wish my girls could add them to their wardrobe.  (Yes, they are not for me but strangely bring me as much joy as if they were for me!)

I decided that some things are worth sharing!  So I thought I would find adorable kids clothes and blog about them, hopefully giving you inspiration.  I hope that you will enjoy looking at these posts as much as I will be enjoying putting them all together!

When we are actually able to buy something awesome and have added it to the girls wardrobe it might also make an appearance.

This picture is what motivated me to archive all the divine designs that I come across, you know in case Kyla or Ri are flower girls or something…

How absolutely gorgeous is this dress from Ruffles and Cream!!!

It’s a pity that in South Africa, our boutique children’s stores don’t have online shops, nevertheless I will find options at local stores and markets for you and blog about them as and when I find something cool.

These are some more gorgeous dresses I found on Label La Flora Children’s Boutique also an overseas store.

Also just a side note, we have recently joined Top Baby Blogs (button on top right of the blog), if you feel like giving our blog some love.

6 thoughts on “The Love, The Wish And The Wardrobe V.1

  1. I cant believe my daughter is advertising ruffles, and frills. She hated them as a kid, and i loved them….. eish, what a strange world we live in. I would have loved to see her in those dresses.

  2. My friend Jessi Maddison is the owner of Mad Stitches in Australia…AWESOME kidswear….she is on facebook and does ship!
    Also try KawaiiKids…also autralian, but also ship, got beautiful pin leather shoes from them as a sample…

  3. Those dresses are divine. When my daughter was small I bought her as many dresses as I could, as i knew that one day she would not want to wear frilly things.
    I am so pleased that I did!
    I hope you can enjoy this for a good time to come.

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