Let’s Talk About 7 Year Anniversaries And How Being Parents Trumps Plans And Stuff

Tomorrow Seth and I celebrate 10 and a half years of being together, but less randomly, 7 whole years of being married.

In my head it calls for loads celebration, but in reality we are parents…  So the ideas that I had of spending the weekend away together in a sweet little cottage on a wine farm, doing nothing except drinking wine and staring into each others eyes is just not going to happen.  Sometimes being parents means that you have to put aside those big dreams for a year or two, and even though that might sounds lame, I guess that means that when we hit the big TEN it will be so much sweeter.

I’m thankful for grandparents that will be looking after them tonight anyway, so that even though we can’t go and stay in the Winelands for the weekend, we can get a whole night off to enjoy a nice dinner and a full nights sleep!

(As a side note – we look like babies in this picture!  No wonder everyone thought that we were too young to get married)


Maybe we were too young by the Worlds standards, but every day we are living out our wedding song:

They try to tell us we’re too young
Too young to really be in love
They say that love’s a word
A word we’ve only heard
But can’t begin to know the meaning of

And yet we’re not too young to know
This love will last though years may go
And then some day they may recall
We were not too young at all

And yet we’re not too young to know
This love will last though years may go
And then some day they may recall
We were not too young at all


Big milestones like these always make me sit and take stock of it all.  It’s a good chance to look back at where we came from and what we had to go through to get to this point.  So in that spirit, let’s take a quick trip back into time…

Just over 10 and a half years ago Seth and I met in what seemed to be a version of a real life fairy tale – (and also a reminder of how far I’ve come in my blogging journey…  Jeepers, that post is almost embarrassing).  After sharing our first kiss (that neither of us can remember at all) and declaring our undying love for each other a few too many times we got engaged in a way that still makes me giggle.  And if you can believe it, we got married when I was just 20 – a beautiful day that I wouldn’t change for anything.

Reading over these posts of the other important milestones has made me so nostalgic – the fruit of our relationship is as important as the relationship itself.

After crying each time I came home from friends with babies I realised that I might be crazy, but also slightly broody so we adopted our Labs, but oh no, that didn’t cure this crazy broody woman.  So by 22 we had our first precious little girl, Kyla and by 23 (exactly 1 year and 2 weeks later) we welcomed our 2nd little girl, Riya-Ray, into the world.  But I said I was broody AND crazy so we didn’t stop there, because having 3 babies in 3 years seemed like a really good idea.  On the day that I turned 26 (we share a birthday) we welcomed Knox, our long awaited boy, into the mix.

It’s been such an amazing time.  Obviously we’ve had our ups and downs, our challenges and our peace, marriage is nothing if not a constant work in progress.  But I would never, not ever change it.

Seth, it may be a day earlier than what’s acceptable to declare my undying love for you on a public forum, but I’ll have you know that I love you.  So very, very much!  I can’t wait to spend the next 7x7x7 (million) years together.  

10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About 7 Year Anniversaries And How Being Parents Trumps Plans And Stuff

  1. I love you guys so much… so much corn,and yet you are an inspiration of what a godly marriage is. You really are the best friend ever, and you look just as good as you did then. Seth was a whole lot less hairy, but yeah…

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. Every year is a milestone and should be celebrated. You may have been young but if you are meant to be together why wait and you are still going strong.

  3. Congratulations! You two have a beautiful & blessed love story and life story so far 🙂 I was on your blog looking for maternity clothing ideas to buy for my sister, but couldn’t find anything so started reading this post 🙂 Do you perhaps have any good suggestions for maternity wear that’s comfortable and fashionable? Thanks in advance!

    • HI Lauren! Thanks so much, I am still a bit shocked that it’s been so long 😉
      With regards to maternity things I got a lot of pants from Woolies – they fitted nicely and were very comfy, but for the rest (top wise) I just bought bigger sizes of normal closes that would be able to accommodate my belly. I wasn’t a fan of the tented look and preferred to keep it tighter. But Mr Price also used to have a relatively well priced maternity section.
      I hope that helps!

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