Tattoo Taboo – What’s Your View?

I’ve been trying to put it off for a while, but for those of you that have been bitten by the bug you will know that resistance is futile – from the moment you get your first tattoo you already start thinking about your next one.  I have 2…  Seth’s name and our wedding date written in his handwriting on my arm:


And a cross with “grace” written on it on my foot.  I got this last one on my foot about 3 years ago and now I’m just itching to have the next one done.


It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey I like it.  Especially if it’s tastefully done on a woman.  And on a man, well…  Yes please!

I’ve mentioned before that I am in an industry where being young and female is quite surprising – add blonde, Mom of 3 at 26 and tattooed and you’ve got yourself scrutinized before you even get to open your mouth.  But like I’ve said, I’ve spoken about this before.  So what am I getting at?  Well, even though I often get judged by others before they get the opportunity to really know me, I too make the same judgments about people.  It’s a natural human reaction – or so I’m told.   Sometimes I look at people with tattoo’s up to their eyeballs and wonder about their life and for a second I sometimes wonder if they will ever “make it” in life.  Then I stop, smack myself across the face and wise up to the fact that just because you have some ink on you, it doesn’t change the person that you are or how capable you are at what you do.  And I should know that better than anyone.

So here’s a random survey…  When you go to a service provider for any kind of service (shop assistant, lawyer, teacher, doctor, etc) do you you make a certain judgement of the person?  Does it ever change when you see that they have a tattoo?  Do you think that the person is less capable of doing the job now that you’ve seen the ink on their skin?

Also, my kids have already started practicing their artwork on themselves, because if Mommy and Daddy can do it, why can’t they…








Oh, and that skillfully written name right there – that just might be the answer to what the next tattoo will be.  Now I’m off to find a place to put it…

12 thoughts on “Tattoo Taboo – What’s Your View?

  1. My opinion totally depends on the tattoo. If it’s of naked women or anything related to demonic rituals, I’ll probably take my business elsewhere. It’s not the art form that bothers me, it’s what it tells me about the person with whom I am meant to trust my affairs. By the way, neither Jordan nor I have any tats (and we most likely never will), but our kids also cover themselves with permanent marker at the drop of a hat.
    XXX Renette

  2. To be honest, I really do not like the tattooed up to your eyeballs fashion. Not on men, less on woman. But I would not mind one or two tastefull ones myself – I am just too damn scared. As to prejudice, I do think it depends on your industry. I ours I think it can go – we are meant to be a bit different and creative. On my advocate in a big case (very visible) – I really do not think so. But then maybe I am an old dork but so will the judge most possibly be

  3. I don’t have any gripes with anyone who chooses to get inked. My husband and I had tattoos done a few years back. At that stage I was still conservative on the work front and did a tattoo on my left shoulder blade. BUT!!!! Last year, I got my son’s name and DOB on my right wrist. Yes my watch can cover it up but I don’t really care to cover it up. I am proud of my tattoo. And I’ve been in numerous meeting, whee I have gotten mixed reactions LOL. But the best was when an Ambassador told me that he thinks my tattoo is cool.

    I’m considering the next too. sigh…My son was very upset when he saw my tattoo bceause no one coloured his arm. But I did promise that when he is older, maybe 18, I will take him to a reputable place to get inked.

  4. To be honest if it’s not up to the person’s eyeballs then I usually don’t even notice it. I wouldn’t use whether a person has a tattoo/s or not as an indicator if they can provide me with the service I require. Times are changing and for now maybe (like in teaching and finance world ) it is still seen as unprofessional, I don’t think that will be for long as the “old school” people start retiring LOL. Where I teach if you have a tattoo you have to cover it, we have quite a few teachers with tats. On a side note, Leah constantly covers herself in pen (and we have no tats), your kids are normal 😀 xx

  5. I would probably compliment the service provider on their ink if it was good and happily give them my business.

    I do judge people on badly done/cheap tattoos (you can spot them a mile away) but someone wearing artwork on their skin gets my full respect. Also I know how much good ink costs and as such I think you can tell a lot about people in the quality of ink they have. (people would blanch if they knew how much I spent on my tattoos)

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