How Dad Proposed To Mom

We already knew we wanted to get married, now it was just a case of formalising it by asking the parents.  I prepped my parents a couple of weeks before saying that we were thinking about it and my Dad asked why it had taken us so long.  I wasnt afraid! I was just building suspense! Then one day Seth took the opportunity while they were both in the kitchen to ask them.  My Dad said yes, my Mom said no, but obviously she was joking.  YAY!!  Now for a ring… Unbeknownst to all, I already had the ring, which I saved all year for. Her mom asked when I was planning to do it and when I said tonight she looked kinda shocked.

Later that day Seth wanted to go to Camps Bay to watch the sunset…Bottle of Red JC Le Roux champaign (Cindy’s fav) and picnic blanket packed in the boot as well as a special musical surprise loaded in the stereo for the trip to Llandudno (first romoantic place we went by ourselves a few years back). But it was overcast and flipping cold – needless to say I wasn’t keen.  Yeah forgot to check weather forecast. So we went to his parents house.  The whole way there I was wondering what was rolling around in the boot of the car, it was making a really weird noise.  When I asked him about it he said it was just some tool or other. It was the champs, thought the plan was going to be compromised even further. I kind of dismissed it but wondered why he was acting slightly weird – nothing too obvious but just not his normal carefree self. Which was weird cause Cindys always knows when I’m lying. (I can only tell when I am looking at him – so couldn’t judge while we were driving).

At his parents house everyone seemed a bit weird too, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it.  We went into his room and he said that he wanted to play something for me that he had been working on. OK! Not the most romantic place, but I couldn’t wait any longer! So he starts playing this CD…  It was normal songs that he had sung over and recorded him singing with the actual artist.  It was so cute and funny.  Then he also snuck in 4 songs that he had written and played the music himself…  Here are some of the words…This is super embarrassing!!! Just know that I wasn’t trying to be super lame or soppy.


Your eyes make me speak so many words.  I get lost in them.  You are better than all the birds.

Your hands fit so perfectly in mine.  Your kiss is so divine.  So I just wanna hold you for all time.

Your smile makes me so happy inside.  I feel like it keeps me alive.  I will always be by your side.


I got love for you.  That’s all I really wanna do.  Oh it’s a really big load and

God gave us eachother so together we could grow old.


You are the most beautiful thing in my life.  Without you I wouldn’t be what I am.  That’s why I want you as my wife.

You are all I wanna see when I wake.  There would be no regret or mistake.  Let’s get married for goodness sake.


I got love for you.  That’s all I really wanna do.  Oh it’s a really big load and

God gave us eachother so together we could grow old

so together we could grow old

so together we could grow old

I just wanna grow old with you….

The other songs were flipping funny as Seth recorded some of them while he was sick and you can hear him sniff and sometimes his voice broke a bit…  After we had laughed and listened to the whole CD, he gets up and goes over to the drawer and brings out a little box and goes down on one knee.  My heart was pounding, even though I was pretty sure she’d say yes. All I could get out was mumbled something about love and marriage, nowhere close to what I prepared, I don’t even think it made sense. I burst into tears and obviously said yes.  We then celebrated with the tool (champagne) and smsed the world to let them know.

I tried to load the songs on here, but it doesn’t work…  Sorry.  Writing the all the words just wouldn’t do it justice.  However the CD cover is just as amazing as the CD.

He copied the Michael Bubble CD cos it has “Our Song” – The Way You Look Tonight on it.  As you can see from the playlist there were some very interesting moments.  The Barry White  – Never gana give you up voiceover is one of my favourites… Ooooh.  Yeah…  The Freestyle Of Love is also magical!  If you ever come over to our place you must ask us to play it! No you musn’t!

7 thoughts on “How Dad Proposed To Mom

  1. HAHA LOL 😀 Well done guys! This is great! The girls are going to love this when they older, watch out Seth 😉 I remember you playing a song for us a while ago, Seth it didn’t sound too bad! 🙂


    Kerri Pineapple Bowie – Hahahahahaha! Ok firstly, I am addicted to your blog. I love it. Secondly, this is one of my favourite posts. It was hilarious, for one. And I love the two of you writing together. That’s a very cool way to do it. Love it! (24 October at 09:31)

    Tanya Janine Jacobs – Awww man… Wow!! That’s so romantic.. Must say ur blog is totally awesome! (24 October at 10:23)

    Jamie Jade Easton LOL this was so sweet… (24 October at 18:02)

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