Got Nothing To Do? Oh Right You’re A Mom, Nevermind…


Is it possible that we ever have absolutely nothing to do?  No washing to hang, no kitchen to tidy, no food to make?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  But if you do find yourself procrastinating, I’ve found some really interesting things to check out on the interwebs…

Don’t blame me for encouraging this – you know all that stuff can wait till later…

Saying that I have had an emotional couple of weeks is putting it mildly.  On a scale of 1 to crying during alcohol commercials, I think that I am one tear jerker movie away from dehydrating.  I’ve heard that crying is a good way to get rid of pent up emo-ness, so if you want to shed a few tears with me you should totally check out this video…  (Go and get the tissues before you start and maybe even a glass of water)  Would you do this for your friend?

You know one day the World is going to be overrun with zombies right?  It’s basically inevitable according to like, the movies and stuff.  So are you prepared?  I managed to survive 75 Days, which (in theory of movies) is enough to find one of those refugee camps of surviving humans, so I’m totally sorted.  When Seth heard the number of days he laughed and said, “We both know you wouldn’t make it a day”…  Unfortunately, he’s probably right.

Parenting is so hard…  Like really, really hard.  If you want to find out how hard it is and which mistakes you shouldn’t be making then read this.  I know right – ooopsy, I’ve made a few too many of those mistakes, how about you?

If you are a blogger and are looking for some inspiration to write then take a look at Sometimes Sweet Journal Day prompts.  Each Monday she will give you something new to write about  and then you put your post up on the Thursday and link it to hers in the comments if you want to.  I haven’t done it yet, waiting for one that really speaks to me, like really deep down in my soul.

I’m planning a girls morning with my friends with this in mind.  I can’t wait to spend a morning trawling through Cape Towns thrift stores and then follow it up with a good giggle over coffee.

My skin is looking better – thank goodness.  And although the main reason that it’s getting better so quickly is because of the antibiotics, I’m sure that if I had the patience to stick it out, changing the way we eat would have cured me too.  Oh, I’ve also lost a couple more kgs, so I’m officially lighter than I was in high school – totally crazy how much junk I used to eat.  If you are looking for more on the Paleo diet here it is.

Crazy photos in history, because having a baby cage on the outside of buildings seemed like a good idea at the time…

OK, I’m done.  Now go hang out the washing or feed your family or some other menial task that always gets taken for granted 😉

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