Some Changes In Our Little House

Finally I have a chance to sit down and actually write a little bit, instead of placating you with pictures of my kids.  But to be honest I don’t know which ones better.

Anyway, now that I have the time, what do I even say?  *scratches head*

There have been quite a few momentous occasions that have happened in our house recently and it really would be a tragedy if I didn’t tell you about them, so here goes:

1 .  Trains are so a couple of months ago…  Cars are totally the way forward. IMG_1035


2.  Kyla has been potty trained for over a year now (during the day and night) and now Riya is almost there too!  For weeks and months I pleaded with her to try and get her to not wear a nappy and just a couple of weeks at school and suddenly she just didn’t want them anymore!  Just mentioning a nappy could cause a tantrum of epic proportions.  Peer pressure for the win (in this instance).  The only time she wears them now is at night, because I’m the one that’s not ready to deal with that phase yet!

As a side note, how do you guys deal with this?  *scratches head*  She mostly does her business on the toilet but there are times where the uh, turd hits the panties…  I am at the point where I just chuck the panties away if I can’t just flip the offending turd out into the toilet.  Because as good as she is, there are times where there is a little bit too much brown stuff for my liking.

3.  Up until, oh um 3 days ago the girls would still have a bottle of formula in the morning and one again in the evening before bed.  Cue the shock at how I could let my almost 4 year old still have a bottle at night.  I know.  But you know what, I pick my battles and this wasn’t one that I was ready to fight yet.  But then we ran out of formula and no one was in the mood to go out and buy any, so I gave them cows milk.  Riya said (and I quote), “Mmmm, Mommy dis bottle tastes yummy.  Bootiful man!”  Thereafter, we moved Kyla onto a mug that she has her tea in the morning and then sits on the edge of her bed to drink at night.  She is sooo proud of herself!  Then a couple of nights ago Riya decided that she no longer wanted a bottle and now she has her milk in a cup too!  I can’t believe that we are at this stage.  If I didn’t have a little boy that needs those bottles I may have been tempted to keep them on it for longer – keep them my tiny little babies!  *scratches head*

4.  One thing that Seth can’t stand is our house.  Sound terrible I know.  But he is an architect and to come home to a house that just isn’t what you want it to be architecturally (at all) or even just done up nicely is very upsetting to him.  It’s worse when it’s untidy but that’s a whole extra story involving me and my lack of tidiness skills – so we will give that part a skip and blame it on the fact that we have 3 children.   Aahh that feels better.  Anyway, we decided to spend a little bit of money every month to get something nice for the house so that we will start feeling better about it and will maybe one day, be able to ignore the hole in the floor or the ugly cupboards.  We got a few things this month, but Seth was so excited that I didn’t even get a chance to take a before picture of the rest of it.  Once I smacked him upside the head, he let me take before and after pictures of the most prominent change – new scatter cushions.  Who knew it could make such a difference…



Seth took another picture on Instagram that he thinks is better than these, and it is because he changes some other things as well.  If you want to see it go here 🙂

5.  There was something else…  What was it?!  *scratches head*   Oh, yes, now I remember…  We’ve had our first case of lice!  I know right…  How flipping inconvenient.  Kyla had been scratching her head for a while and I just kind of put it down to her maybe wanting a little bit more attention (which I gave her…) .  I didn’t think it could be because no one else had any issues.  But it’s really there.  And she’s been sleeping in our bed a lot because she has been sick…  Aaah the joys.  When I get home I may just set the place on fire to get rid of it all.  Then maybe we can fix the point above too!

Disclaimer to my insurers:  I really would never do that.  Ever.  I promise.

4 thoughts on “Some Changes In Our Little House

  1. Tell Seth I knopw what he means the only difference being I am the architect and I have no energy/ time for the house…. gosh that sounds terrible. Oh the lice – bane of any mom’s life. Once you are rid of the buggers (this is prevention stuff – not cure stuff) buy Lennon’s Bergamot essence – pour 1/4 of the bottle in their shampoo, another 1/4 in their conditioner and buy detangling spray and put another 1/4 into that. Wash hair – add the other 1/4 to the final rinse water. Every time you wash hair, add 1/4 bottle to the rinse water and spray detangling spray every morning before school. I guarantee you it works to keep the stuff away once you are rid of them. Has worked for months for us (and 3 years for the family from which I got the advie)

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