A Story Of Patience And How Seth Doesn’t Have Any (Oh And Happy Father’s Day)

I like to DIY as much as the next girl.

So pretty much not at all.

Seth on the other hand, is lost in some kind of woodchipped, paint stained heaven when he gets a couple of free hours to do all the DIYing he’s been storing up in his head every time he wanders through the house (or looks on Pinterest).

In his defence (and in light of today being Father’s Day and all) he hardly ever gets a chance to do any DIY because well…  We have 3 kids.  Under 4.  It’s a bit cray cray up in here at the best of times.  He’s a hands on Dad and I love him to flipping bits because of it.  I don’t know what I would do without him and his support in raising our offspring.  He is amazing at doing all the bathing, the feeding, the fight stopping, the disciplining, the slog work of it all.  And he does it without complaint.  The kids adore him and how much he takes part in their lives.  He loves doing it and that right there makes me fall more in love with this man every day.


Every. single. day.

Anyway, one thing we can’t seem to agree on is patience.  When he wants to do something, it must happen NOW.

Like right now.


Specifically house things.   The kitchen needs to be tidy now.  The lounge must be tidy now.  I need to unpack my hospital bag for Knox now

I can wait.  For hours.  Days.  Weeks.  Without getting too frustrated. The house stuff takes a serious back seat when Knox is screaming for a bottle, or Riya is about to rip Kyla’s hair out of her head or Kyla is about to bite Riya’s back open (all true stories).  Or you know.  When I want to sit on my bum and do nothing and stuff.  It drives Seth up the wall.

You don’t believe me.  I can tell.


Since I kind of elaborated on our new plan for our house in this post (point 4), I won’t go into it again.  (Side note – these cushions are actually all still in one piece and haven’t even gotten a stain on them yet.  I am still in shock that it’s possible with so many small bodies running about willy nilly with khoki’s.  Maybe I should change that.)

What hasn’t changed is that Seth is still so excited to share the awesome things that he has been doing, that he won’t even let me blog about it before he splashes it all over every possible social media platform in the World.  If you blog and you care more about your stats than you should (like me) then you will probably feel my exasperated frustration.  I just don’t get why you can’t wait just a little bit.  Just a teensy little bit.

So yesterday I gave him the afternoon to do some of the things that he has been wanting to do for a while.  And now I can share it with you, because it’s already been all over the interwebs.  This is my most favourite one of the lot of things that he managed to do.  It looks flipping cool and has stopped that irritating curtain-stuck-behind-the-couch thing that we have to endure everyday.  And now I can have another place to plonk my coffee cup and forget to take it to the kitchen.

I must say that he is a pretty gifted guy, being able to do all of these things.  I wouldn’t know where on Earth to start.

Sofa Table

And maybe soon Seth will start sharing the “How To’s” of some quick, easy and cool things to do around the house.

Happy Father’s Day peeps!

2 thoughts on “A Story Of Patience And How Seth Doesn’t Have Any (Oh And Happy Father’s Day)

  1. Brilliant…. Looks very hipster 😉 I think Chris should make one too… Need extra packing space for the kids toys land dirty mugs 😉 and another surface E can climb on or toss things off of… I don’t think we should visit soon as he will love your ornaments on that table…

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