All Aboard!

Since the girls have started school I have seriously cut down TV time in our house, only putting it on when they are about to rip each others heads off.  Once you start memorising every line of Tangled you begin to realise that this TV business is probably not benefiting anyone.  Thankfully every other time they are so happy to see each other again after being separated at school, that they play really nicely together.

So we have a little train in our house.  Sometimes you will find it in the kitchen while I’m making supper, sometimes you will find it hiding behind the curtains in the bedroom and sometimes it will be making its way through the perilously untidy lounge.  The last journey through the lounge is a particularly serious and dangerous one, with many potential problems – getting lost in the mountains of forgotten shoes, getting derailed by an excitable Labrador tail or simply being distracted by a toy and forgetting you were even on a train at all…

But rest assured, this is no ordinary train – it has a very important destination.  This train is special because it takes you right to “Pur” (Spur) where you go to play and have “lello pasta” (yellow pasta – aka mac and cheese).  Because trains should so totally do that for realsies – pull up right next to the Spur.  They would definitely gain 2 regular customers.

Rosie the train-driver knows her way around – don’t let her dreadlocks fool you, she’s on the straight and narrow (we do random drug tests to make sure she’s not a bad influence).  Unfortunately I can’t be as sure about Sophie…






4 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. That is so very cool!! We have a Rosie – she is a Zoe though and recently had her face chewed off by the dog but Kiara sorted it out by stapling it all back together! (she is a material Rosie)

    LOVE those chairs!

    • That is incredibly resourceful! Well done Kiara for thinking of that and for knowing beauty is only skin deep – I don’t know how deep Kyla’s love would run for a Franken-Rosie ha ha.

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