Apparently It’s My Birthday Soon

So the 25th of this month is my birthday.  Just 5 days before Thumper is due to arrive and grace us with his presence.  However, we have now decided to induce him “socially” on this day so that we can share a birthday.  A social induction is nice because they give you just 1mg of the drugs and if it doesn’t work you can go home.  So unless he chooses to come out by himself sometime this week, we will be having our baby boy on 25 Sep.

It’s actually kind of a tradition in the Alfino family to share birthdays.  Seth and his Dad share the same birthday on 5 Feb and Romy and Ga share their birthday on 18 Aug.  If you think about it, it’s better than it being just a few days before or after because then you get super excited and hype up the first one and sometimes it doesn’t really translate for the next one.  We really have to make a conscious decision to play up Riya’s birthday which is just 14 days after Kyla’s.

So this year, I will be spending my birthday getting the best present ever – my little boy!  Oh and waking up at the crack of dawn so that we can be at the hospital at 6am!!

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