Breakfast At Pink

I don’t like being stuck at home.  It makes me feel bored and like I am just wasting time.  Plus going out has so much more opportunity for adventure and experiencing new things for the kids.  Something that I am not very good at providing at home.  And I heard that walking a lot is some form of “natural induction”, so why not give it a go.

There’s this coffee shop/restaurant sort of “down the road” from us that I had never taken the girls to.  From when I went before it looked relatively kid-friendly and they had really delicious food on the menu.  So I thought I would get Liz up out of her comfort zone to join me for breakfast at Pink with the kids.

Kyla could not wait to go to a place that was actually called PINK – she told whoever she saw that, “Went to Pink like my roon!” (Went to Pink, like my room).  For the most part it was a really great time – besides the girls and Elijah giving us a bit of the run around every now and then and possibly drawing on the table…  But it comes out apparently…

Thanks again to the Pink staff who were so patient with us and for that cheesecake at the end – that was delish!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast At Pink

  1. LOL! I like how you got me out my comfort zone 😉 Loser 😉 It was great! Thanks for the treat! And those pics of Elijah are super cute… gotta love the Riya-lookalike…. (you should share this post on the Pink FB wall – although that means admitting it was our kids who drew on their table…)

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