They Only Took Me Seriously When I Put On The Mask

Seen the new Batman movie?  Then this line might stick out for you, “They Only Took Me Seriously When I Put On The Mask” and if not, it certainly stood out for Seth who Seth kept saying this over and over again while he was spray painting the girls new skirting boards.  I think the total opposite was true, I can’t say that I took him very seriously.  Especially considering this picture:

Thankfully, he seriously did finish the skirting.  Well the painting of the skirting anyway.  It’s really difficult to move rooms around and get things ready when you have 2 toddlers to contend with.  Obviously making a room ready for Thumper is not as interesting to them as it is to us, and so we had to keep them entertained in other ways.  Thankfully the Cape weather played along and we could let them run around in the back garden while we did what we could inside and outside.

Moving is such a mission.  No wonder people avoid it al all costs.  We literally dedicated our whole weekend to it and it looks like we did nothing!  Except I am proud to say that Thumper finally has his own room, with his own cot, cupboard and chair in it.  Now the problem is getting all the girls stuff out of there too.

Hopefully there will be a post on the final room this weekend, now that we are planning for him to come home next week.  SO EXCITED!

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