Happy 29th Birthday Seth!



To My Favourite Husband

It’s really hard to sit here and find the right words to say to you on your special day.  There is so much that I want to say but I just can’t seem to be able to put it into real words that actually make sense.  Saying “I love you and all that you do for me and the kids” just doesn’t seem like enough.

The crux of it is that although you may be slightly sad to be entering the last year of your 20’s, the last 29 years have been good to you.  Watching you mature in the last 10 years has really been a privilege to be able to witness first hand.  You have embraced and embodied all the characteristics that make you an amazing husband to me.  Seriously – awards should be handed out here for putting up with me and my crazy woman moods.

But the most amazing period to be able to see, was watching you dive into Fatherhood head on.  Taking on all the various challenges that we have with all the craziness that having 3 kids brings.  I am so thankful to you for being so involved in every part of our kids lives and the positive impact that you have on them.  I love that Knox not only looks exactly like you, but now walks exactly like you too, I love that Kyla has your smiley eyes and incredible artistic ability, I love that Riya has your crazy laugh and curly hair – to mention just a few.

Thank you for being you and for loving us so much.  We love you even more.

Also, just a heads up.  Last year I managed to organise an epic day to celebrate, but unfortunately the RHCPs decided not to come back this year and things have been a bit crazy, so you are just going to have to deal with my heart felt words in celebration this time around.  I love you! xox


4 thoughts on “Happy 29th Birthday Seth!

  1. Happy Birthday Seth. Don’t be sad about 29. I can speak from experience when I say the ‘dirty 30’s’ are amazing 😉 love how you call him your ‘favorite husband’ lol! 💙

  2. Yes, It sounded like you have more than one husband and that Seth is the favorite one! I always wanted to know what the Aquarian men are like?

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