A Birthday, A Concert And Grown Man Acting Like A Belieber

It was Seth’s birthday this past Tuesday.  If you’re a Capetonian you will know that this was also the day of the RHCP concert.  What you might not know is that Seth is obsessed with them.  Actually obsessed might be an understatement.  A more accurate description might be that he was going to tattoo their logo on his arm…  Yes, I think that explains it enough.

When our dearest friends contacted me in August last year about buying tickets to the RHCP concert – which just happened to be right on his actual birthday – I couldn’t help but start to formulate a plan I like to call, “The Best Birthday Ever Plan”.  And that dear people is why I work in insurance – creativity is not really my strong suite.  So we bought the tickets, but kept it the biggest secret ever.

Seth would mention it every now and then, but after our Kings Of Leon experience I think he was afraid he might not enjoy it, so we never bought tickets.  Plus I may have thrown in the fact that we have 3 kids, RHCP are so old it would probably suck and let’s face it we have become that couple that want to be in bed at 10 or we can’t function the next morning – not the best factors when going to a concert.  He was happy with this until the night before when he got all emo that no one had bought him a ticket…  Little did he know…

Since my plan had a name, I figured I might as well go flipping crazy with it.  So I contacted Seth’s bosses to ask for a day off on his birthday and thankfully they agreed.  And so the time came for the plan to go into action…

The morning came with about 10 alarms going off.  Thankfully when I opened my eyes I actually remembered that it was his birthday and everything that I wanted to do (that hardly ever happens).  So I gently rock him awake and say happy birthday.  He was so out of it that he said it straight back to me and then fell face first back onto his pillow.  When he finally regained some life, Riya gave him his beautifully decorated birthday present.  I thought I would go with the current theme and got him a running magazine and a card about hiking.  I got the girls dressed, made him some coffee, packed the bags and let the girls give some last hugs and kisses before taking them to school.  Check out the drawing Kyla did of Seth…


When I got back I gave him a basic rundown of the day (which made absolutely NO mention of a concert) we got ready and went to breakfast in Kalk Bay with our youngest offspring to keep us company.  It was lovely to sit there and chat about life.  During these conversations I learned that I actually have an amazing amount of self control – I didn’t even slip up once.  I think I am learning how to lie flawlessly from Kyla she has recently become a professional – she would totally own anyone at a poker game.






We took a leisurely drive back to our side of the world to fetch the girls from school and then we popped off to the park for some fun time together.  It was really fun for the first 10 minutes, but then they got tired and we had to get out of there before innocent people drowned in all the snot and tears.






Because Seth is now super into his running and fitness, we still did our usual Tuesday run together and then once we had finished he went off on his own to do the same track we just did in almost half the time – nerd!  We chilled in the pool for a bit and that’s where my awesome plan started to unravel.  We took too long for us to just casually arrive at the Waterfront so I started to have to think on my feet.  I made as if we had to be at the Waterfront to make it in time for a specific something.  Thankfully he didn’t ask what because I had absolutely no idea what I would say.

We sat in the traffic to the Waterfront for about an hour so when we finally got in we managed to get a smoothie for supper.  How exciting.  At this point we were supposed to casually bump into Zoe and Corne at the movies and then talk him in to going for a drink opposite the stadium to at least feel like we are part of it.  We wondered around “Pasttimes” before Seth finally turned to me all emo like and said, “So let’s go and book the movie then”.  By this time Zoe and Corne had made it through their traffic and were also getting food at Kauai.  I figured we might as well bump into them now and so we did.  After that I couldn’t keep this stupid smile off my face and told him.  Seth doesn’t really react…  Ever…  But I could tell he was excited but also interested to see where we would be sitting…




Off we walked to the stadium.  I have never seen so many young people in one place before.  Good grief.  It was packed.  Once we finally got in and got our seats we were subjected to Die Antwoord…  All I can say is that I am still slightly scarred by what I saw.  Then it was time…  The Chillies took the stage and I saw something I never ever thought I would see Seth be.  He was excited.  Visibly excited.  I couldn’t believe it.  He was jumping, screaming and dancing like he was the only one in the stadium.  When I asked him how it felt to finally see the band that he has been obsessed with for most of his life he said that he felt like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert…

The actual concert was amazing and this time we had great seats!  I felt like we were really apart of it without being in the centre to be pushed around and having beer spilled on me.  It was great!  Flea was flipping crazy intense and so skilled.  It really is awesome seeing these people live before your very eyes.  And my word, they are so fit!  Flea did not stop going – he puts me to shame for wanting to sit down halfway through because my feet were getting sore…

After it was all over Seth was on a high like I had never seen before.  We went to get him a hat and then he didn’t stop talking about an after party.  We made our way back to the Waterfront and then had a moment of weakness.  We stood in line for Steers…  It took too long so we decided to rather go home, fetch Knox and then stop at the closest 24 hour Mackie D’s.  I need to just say that at this stage Seth was like an energiser bunny.  Non stop talking, jumping, dancing…  You get the picture.  We got to the car and by the time I got out of the underground parking he was fast asleep…  He woke up once to shout, “Mac Donalds”, but I ignored him and got him to bed.

All in all I think it was a really amazing day.  Seth, I hope you know how much we love you because it’s one heck of a lot. xoxo

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