Getting My Butt Back In Gear

Since the move things have been pretty crazy.  Apparently there is a whole lot of stuff that you have to do besides just getting moving and unpacking your crap.  I’m sure that if someone told me this earlier, we wouldn’t have moved.  No wait, who am I kidding.  We love this new house and I think I would definitely do it again.  Maybe.

Anyway, the last few weeks have been a whirl of unpacking, getting phone lines and internet sorted and just when things were settling at home, we moved offices.  And obviously there were teething problems when I got into the new office, in that my laptop decided it had had enough of all this moving nonsense and completely freaked out.  In case you were wondering, this is why I’ve been a bit AWOL recently.  Not to mention that all of this was after me looking for my pictures (pretty much every picture since Kyla’s birth) that had disappeared from my laptop – which obviously prompted me to consider all the various most painful ways that I could kill our IT guy.  I channelled my inner Dexter and I think I saw genuine fear in his eyes when I confronted him the next day.  Turns out he’d backed it up to the server which was incredible foresight on his part as the laptop crashed pretty much the next day.  So thankfully I don’t have to kill him.

I hate sharing Instagram pics because you have probably already seen them if you follow me in Instagram, but I haven’t even picked up my camera in weeks.  It looks at me every morning in the hopes that today will be the day that we go out and play and document it, but I’ve just been giving him a blind eye.

Nevertheless here is our Insta’Wrap Up for the last couple of weeks.


Every person has a a favourite spot to sit and read a book or play games on your phone.  This is ours.  Even Riya has taken a special crazy eyed liking to it.  She even broke the lamp behind it in her effort to make it feel more like her own space.

Even though Knox is (STILL) struggling with his teeth, he is the happiest little boy during the day – eager to get in on the action with whatever his sisters are getting up to.  In this particular moment we have Riya admiring herself in the mirror and applying her Barbie make up when Knox couldn’t help himself and got all up in her space.  I think what saved him was his dimple smile, it even melts his sisters hearts!


One of the many things that we’ve had to unpack was Riya from this chair cover…IMG_20131012_145513

In this house we don’t do Halloween or superstition.  This is what we think of walking under ladders…  You have to see what we do to black cats and mirrors.

The bulk of my time in the morning is spent getting the girls ready for school.  When I ask them to dress themselves – then they want me to do it.  When I want to dress them – then they want to do it themselves.  We never seem to meet in the peaceful middle.  This morning I gave up and let them put on whatever they wanted – by the time they were done there was almost nothing left in the cupboard.

There seems to be this new craze at the moment – watercolour everything – tattoos, pillow covers, wall art and so much more.  And I totally dig it.  I love the way the colours mix without really mixing and I think that Kyla must feel the same.  This is the butterfly that she did (no filter) – this is definitely going to happen more this Summer.IMG_20131015_163649

The other day Kyla (who has always aimed to be Rapunzel) told me that she would like to cut her hair like her friend at school.  I don’t know what to do about it.  I had long hair when I was little and my Grandmother convinced me to cut it and then I was devastated.  Absolutely devastated.  I don’t want that to happen to her.  Any advice?IMG_20131017_160105

2 thoughts on “Getting My Butt Back In Gear

  1. Well done on surviving the move and it looks like you are settling in. Why don’t you just cut about 5cm off the back of Kylas hair- it will lift it a bit and also remove any split ends (which you sometimes get from tying hair up in hair bands). I cut about 3cm off S’s hair in July and it has grown so quickly that I need to do it again.

  2. Dont cut Kyla’s hair. I have never heard of any child (or adult) with long hair, who cut it and did not totally regret it.. its traumatic.

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