So We Moved Into This House…

It seems like just yesterday that I was moaning about all the boxes that I had to pack and get ready to move, but we’ve already been in our new abode for a good 2 and a bit weeks.  It’s almost surreal that it has come and gone so quickly.

We seem to finally be getting over all the initial teething pains of moving and are absolute loving the new place.  Seth is in his element, even getting up early every morning to walk the dogs in a nearby park or to go for a run AND be at work and home early – because now he can!  Even the girls (who I thought would have a hard time with it) are absolutely loving it here – never even referring to the old place AND they are actually sleeping through the night more often here than they ever did before.  (And to Mr Murphy and your annoying law – please don’t be a butthead and go and prove me wrong – I’m enjoying having my pillow to myself thank you very much).

Everyone has been asking me for pictures and I figured I might as well do a real “before” post – as in before we had any of our stuff in it.  Mostly because you just never know who stalks you on the internet and then also because the house isn’t quite ready for “after” shots just yet – there are still quite a lot of boxes lurking around that need to find a home.

So I suppose this could be considered a second teaser to the first one a little while back…  Here we go…

This is the lounge that you have see some furniture in already.  The fireplace is amazing and we are still making fires in it almost every night – I wonder if it will ever get old.


This view is standing in the lounge looking at the dining room area.  This is actually were quite a lot of the homeless items are still hiding out.IMG_5965

The kitchen.  Thankfully everything works in here and having actual counter top space (as opposed to the dining room table being the kitchen table and also the counter) now is amazing!IMG_5975

The kids bathroom.  They love it so much that Kyla was telling me yesterday that I am not allowed to use their toilet – I must always go to ours (because we finally have an en-suite!)


All the colours of the house are very neutral and not quite what we have in mind for it to be exactly what we want, but we are enjoying it nevertheless.  Obviously I am not going to show you the overgrown garden, the green pool, the mould on the bathroom ceilings (which we know how to fix now) or any of the other less than desirable bits because that’s just depressing and which is just no good.  We absolutely love our new space, but we would definitely not have been able to make it ours if we didn’t need to do any work to it to get it there.

We are just so grateful to have a house that doesn’t have holes in the floor!


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