I’ve Got The Giggles

You guys, I don’t know what it is about this video that is making it impossible to stop giggling, but I really can’t help myself.  Her face is just too expressive for words.  I can just totally picture Riya doing the exact same thing.



This weekend was so much fun!

Seth did the Impi Challenge which I am still in awe of, it’s got all the things that I am terrified of – heights, small spaces and the need to swim and not drown and stuff…  While he was out trawling the mud and leopard crawling under barbed wire, I was doing my own parenting version of the Impi Challenge by looking after 3 small children at a very busy and awesome kids party – all by myself.  Let’s just say that it has renewed my desire to never be a single Mom, because I am not sure I would ever leave the house ever again.  And for once it wasn’t even because they were naughty or anything – it is just physically difficult to hold a one year old that is determined to never ever walk (but wants to touch and play with everything) while simultaneously assisting 2 tots with their crafts that happen to be sitting at different tables.  It was so fun, but it is definitely helpful to be able to pass the bubs over when your legs and back start turning into jelly. To all you single Mom’s out there I really have a huge admiration for you and how you cope!  Please share your tips with me.

We also got to have some of our family and close friends over to celebrate Knox’s birthday (finally) and have a little house warming all in one go.  I would share the pictures, but my laptop is still out of action at the moment so I will have to save them for another day.  But it was so lovely to have everyone over to share this special time with us.

I hope that your weekends were good too?

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