Fresh New Look

Recently we changed the name of the blog from 3 Girls, 2 Dogs and 1 Guy to 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House (I know you noticed but totally just forgot to say anything) – we changed it to make room in the name for our new little addition to the family.  And since we have been living in our housie for 3 years without really doing it up the way we want to, hopefully we will actually be getting some house renovation done in the next couple of years – because it’s totally so much easier now that we have 3 kids.

If I had done the “redesign” you would have been left with the awesomeness you see below, but I thought it would be better to not scare any readers away by getting Seth to do it all.  The background/theme that we had, was from just after Riya was born – almost 2 whole years ago!

But what did we want?  I gave Seth this:

and this

and he turned it into what you currently see.  Me thinks that I made the right choice getting him to do it and I’m sure you agree.  How creative is he.  You can see why I am not the one to do the art work or design for, well, anything…  As you can probably tell it is not absolutely finished, but keep checking in because it’s sure to get more and more awesome.

So good by old look – welcome new phase of our lives.

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