Happy 2nd Birthday My Precious Riya Ray

A very happy birthday to you my little Riya-Ray!

From the moment that you arrived into our lives you have brought me so much joy, and now as I reflect on the last 2 years of your life I realise how quickly it has gone and how much you have enriched our family with your presence.  You really are a special little girl that we love so very much.

When you were still in my tummy, growing away, we had a bit of a rough time you and I – I was always sick and so we induced you 2 weeks earlier than you had “planned” to come into this world.  You were so tiny and took so long to fit into the new born clothes that we had for you – but you would never say that this was the case.  You have grown into a healthy girl who is happy to chow down and experiment with your food – including eating random things off the floor like spilt ice-cream or sand.

In general you are very happy to give anything a go, unless everyone is looking at you, in which case you shy away and hide behind my leg or more often, just walk away like nothing was happening.  Because of your “fearlessness” you are talking up a storm, willing to say anything and everything.  It amazes me every single day what comes out of your mouth (in a good way).  You also have a slight little lisp and love to replace letters of words or make up your own way to say it.  For example a duck is not a duck – it is a “wuck”.  Also a regular feature is to miss a couple of letters of words altogether, so socks are “ocks” and toilet is “toi”.   I love this so very much!

You are always keen for a cuddle and never hesitate to give the best, biggest kisses – always followed by a hug.  These are very special moments for me.  Especially recently where we cuddle on the couch in the afternoons, you sit right in the crook of my arm, your head on my chest and with your hand up playing with my hair.  You absolutely love playing with my hair and it’s how you fall asleep in the evenings, with your little fingers wrapped up in it so tightly it takes me 5 minutes to get myself loose.  Of course, this becomes a minor problem when you decide to wake up at night and crawl into our bed, because you can’t wrap your fingers in Daddy’s hair you make sure that you get the prime spot on my pillow and fall into dreamland pulling my hair.  You even get mad at me when I try and tie it up when I’m leaving for work in the mornings or any other time for that matter, I have to do it once I’m in the car or in secret and just appear with it that way.  And don’t get me started on how difficult it is to tie up your hair!  It’s virtually impossible!  Even though you look so gorgeous with it up – revealing all your features, you will never let me keep it that way.

The Dummy Butterflies are not allowed to come anywhere near your “Num Num”, although on rare occasions you have come up to me, shoved your Num Num in my top and told me “me no need Mommy”.  Your Num Num has to be kept safe in either Ga or my tops, and when you want it you shove your hand down there to try and find it (no matter where we are) – needless to say that when you don’t find it, the end of the world is imminent.

You love to collect a few toys and make sure that they are your toys.  You know exactly where they are at all times.  This is especially true of Nana’s earrings, which you take off her the moment that she arrives in the house, and then keep them safe in your little hands for a good few hours, before giving them back to Nana.

Thankfully you have stopped listening to your sister all the time and taking her word on everything, because you went through a period where you thought you were a boy – only because Kyla kept telling you that you were.  However you still get very traumatised if Kyla tells you to go away always shouting back, “no me go away!” and wailing to me.  You only calm down when I tell you that you mustn’t go away, ever, and that you must stay with me forever (which is very true – I love you baby).

Unfortunately you have outgrown your gap teeth that just looked so adorable on you, but you still have the most flexible eyebrows and tongue that I have ever seen.  You manage to contort you face into every possible expression that anyone could ever have, sometimes right after each other.  You can be crying a river of tears with your mouth pulling all the way down to the floor and then the mention of the dog over wall or something funny can have you giggling your most precious little laugh.  Your tantrums match none that I have ever seen before, hopefully next year we will have gotten over this one.

You are such a character and make up your own things to keep you happy.  As long as I am in the room you are very happy to entertain yourself by brushing your Sophie’s hair or putting her to “dudu”.  You love to “wing a wing” on the swing and you’ve even made up your own pre-bath dance.  Once all your clothes are off you get this massive grin on your face and wiggle your hips over and over – we call it your “nakie dance”.  It is so very funny.  You can’t wait for bath time, just to do this dance.

You have been such a wonderful gift to our family and I love each day that I get to spend with you.  Time spent with you is time best spent and I really enjoy all our special moments together – even if it involves tantrums.  You are a very special little girl that lights up my life and I love you so very much!  I am looking forward to spending many more years with you, getting to know each other and growing together.  I love you, I love you, I love you precious girl!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday My Precious Riya Ray

  1. Happy Birthday Precious Riya! Congrats Cindy and Seth….Riya is beautiful…and a real little firecracker…when I read your posts, she reminds me quite a bit of Lily! I hope that your day was super special and we cant wait to see you soon soon to celebrate!!! xxxx

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