A Must To Entertain Your Kids This Summer – Canal Walk Ice Slide!

Along with Summer comes the much anticipated school holidays and festive season.  It’s possibly my absolute favourite time of the year.  The excitement of being home and able to do all the things that you’ve wanted to do with the kids all year has me giddy with glee.

Until those ideas run out of course.

So I’m here to give you one more super fun thing to do this Summer – go to the Ice Slide Wonderland at Canal Walk.  Not only will your kids have an absolute ball, but you will spend your 45 minutes being able to cool down after a marathon Christmas shopping spree.  A one stop shop really.

IMG_2689 (1)

Also, it’s not every day that you get to slide down Africa’s longest ice slide.

Seriously at 80m long you spend a lot of time screaming the way down.  I think it took me about 1.30 to get all the bottom and I couldn’t even scream that long.  I might be a little bit afraid of heights OK.

The Centre Court at Canal Walk has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland until 11 January (open from 10am to 10pm every day!).  It’s perfect for the whole family, from the brave tweens/teens/parents trying out the 80m slide, to the kids that rake up some mileage on the 15m and 10m slides.  They also have the coolest (literally) snow pile for kids to make their very own Olaf (a HUGE hit).

Tickets for the Ice Slide Wonderland are available at Computicket online or at the Computicket booth located at the event. Liqui Fruit will also be on hand to refresh all the thrill seekers at the event. Stand a chance to win one of two R5 000 Canal Walk gift card and daily hampers when you purchase from the Liqui Fruit pop-up shop.

Costs per 45 minute session:
– Full Rider: R80 – no under 5’s allowed
– Mini Rider: R60 – Ages 2 +
– Non Rider: R20

You can also have your photo taken with Santa while you’re there.  We took our picture and I love how “us” it is – the kids facial expressions are priceless!  The lovely old man that was Father Christmas reminded me so much of my Dad, a little bit bittersweet at this time of the year.

Pop over to the Canal Walk Facebook page to see more pictures of the event.  If you share your favourite picture from the collection, you stand a chance to win your very own R1000 Canal Walk voucher.  If you choose to share our picture we will win a R1000 voucher for The Ark Charity.  So get sharing 😉


While you’re here, don’t forget that today is the last day to enter the giveaway for the R500 Sticky Fudge Voucher.


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