7 Tips On Making It To The End Of The Year With A Bit Of Sanity

This year seems to be a heavy one for most people.

Lots of things have happened so quickly and we are all left unable to process it all fast enough.  Like a little crab that set off to the water, able to climb over the few stones but got overturned by an unexpected gust of wind. We’re left flat on our backs, flailing around like that little guy – feeling open, exposed and maybe a little bruised.

But I’m done with it.

I’ve made a few changes in my and in turn, our lives and the difference is remarkable.  Maybe these things will help you too.


Here’s 7 Tips To Making It Through To The End Of The Year (with some sanity and dignity).

  1. END THOSE TANTRUMS – Riya and her struggle with her emotions (and how to convey them) is a well documented problem, like that time she bit me on the shoulder.  Anyway, we had things under control until Summer started and everything started exploding.  The just of it – not enough sleep.  The sun started going down later and so did the kids.  It took a toll in the form of random outbursts, excessive whining (not the good kind) and far too much fighting.  We have reshifted our thinking and reinforced the 7pm (sharp) bedtime and everything is so much better.  Try it.  And if you’re the one suffering with the tantrums I’d recommend the same for you.  Doctors orders.
  2. SAY NO – I get it.  It’s a busy time of the year.  But as much as I love to fill up my diary with fun and friends and family and adventure, I have been blocking out times in our diary to just be together with nothing to “do”.  Not having to rush everywhere or start planning to leave an hour or two before we have to be anywhere (the only way for us to be on time) has been amazing.
  3. SWITCH OFF – You guys, I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t have my phone on my 24/7.  LYING.  I know where it is and how many things I need to get back to at any given moment of the day.  It’s tiring and annoying.  It distracts me from just being present.  Once I am able to leave work I have been leaving my phone in my room, letting the notifications fend for themselves.  Bliss.  When I am actually on real leave I will be leaving it for the whole day!  OH MY WORD.
  4. REDECORATE/MAINTAIN/CREATE – How often do we let our living spaces succumb to the “parenting” lifestyle?  No, I’m still not in a hurry to buy a new couch (although I’m still trying not to covet one), but there are so many things that build up over the year that never get done.  It could be something that doesn’t involve money like weeding the garden or something that needs a little bit of spare change, like a coat of paint or new pot plant.  They say “A change is as good as a holiday” and I totally get behind that.  Changing up our space and making it into something that we enjoy being in really does wonders for my soul.  Maybe knitting a scarf does that for you.  Whatever does this to you, do it more often!
  5. STOP THE BITTERNESS AT THE SOURCE – We live in a World where people put their best sides on social media and we sit back and lap it all up.  We know this to be true but often we forget it.  If looking at other peoples beautifully decorated Christmas trees makes you as green as the tree then maybe it’s time to stop looking.  Or looking at gift guides makes you think of all the things that you want but can’t have, stop reading.  You don’t have to willingly put yourself through that.
  6. SET A TIME OUT EVERYDAY – Do you know what my favourite part of my day is?  Settling into the couch with hot Milo, some snacks and my husband.  Spending a few hours watching something that we both love.  Every night, without fail, we carve out this time for each other.  If it means that there’s no blog in the morning or whatever, then so be it.
  7. TAKE IT EASY – I turn into Shoutey Mom faster than my kids can draw tattoos on their faces.  Learning to let go of the reigns a bit has made a big difference and allowed a lot of growth, for both me and the kids.  Handing over little bits of responsibility to them has freed me up but given them a chance to prove themselves.  It’s great.

Maybe not hugely profound tips, but combined they have made such an overwhelming difference to my current state of mind.

What are your tips for making it through the season unscathed?

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