It Never Works Out Like I Think It Will


We have a park in our neighbourhood that we frequent rather regularly.

At the moment it happens to have the longest “grass” ever because I think they’ve forgotten that it’s there.  I’m not complaining though, at about 6pm the sunset hits it in such a way that it often takes my breath away.  It’s almost magical.

I’ve taken a 1000 pictures in my head of the scene but when I want to capture it with my camera it just never turns out right.  I’ll either go at the wrong time so the lighting is off, or I’ll take the kids when they are feeling absolutely rebellious (so they don’t listen to a single bit of “direction”) or I’ll forget my camera (it must be the blonde hair).

By the time I will have all the things perfectly lined up, they will have cut the grass.


I felt like this was some kind of metaphor for many moments in my life right now.  I think I am prepared, ready to take it on, do it and then find that there was probably about 100 other ways that it could have been done better.  Hindsight.  That bugger.





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