Kyla and Riya-Ray’s Butterfly Party (Butterfly Party Theme)

As per the previous party post we decided “go big or go home” and because of that there are some big thank you’s before we get down to the beautiful photos!

Thank you to my Mom who took 2 days off to help me set-up and bake and everything in between!  (Thank you especially for putting up with my worryingly present OCDness).  Thank you to Ga, Papa and Ma who helped with food, set up and looking after the kids so that we could get everything ready.  Thank you to Cindy for the heavenly cup cakes!!!

Then thank you to everyone that came to make Kyla and Riya’s day so special and helped them to feel so loved!!!  We really appreciate each one of you in their lives!

And now for the pictures (courtesy of Happy Snappies – I really would recommend a photographer they really get the moments that you wouldn’t!)…

This is what the final product looked like

Some of the decor:

This is the cake and some of the food:


Family photos:

Other random moments:

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