Review And Giveaway – Daily Dish For You, And You AND You! (3 WINNERS!)

How often do you go to the fridge, check what’s in there and start thinking of all these yummy things that you can make with the basics.  Until you look in the cupboard and see that you have none of the extra things that are needed to make what’s in your mind, so you settle on chicken and vegetables.  Or mince and veg.  Or veg and veg?

I feel like I was going around in this annoying food circle.  Eating the same things all the time and never spicing it up because every trip to the shops is thwarted by little people.  We tend to leave with the essentials and all the fun, tasty stuff gets forgotten.

When Daily Dish For You contacted me offering me a box of fresh ingredients that are perfectly measured out to make 4 meals, I jumped at the chance to try something new.


As I posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook, more and more people were asking what exactly Daily Dish For You is, so let me give you a quick run down before I tell you about our experience.  These are the top 7 points that you need to know:

  1. Daily Dish For You has been around since 2012 (in Cape Town) and have recently opened up in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area.
  2. The provide 4 menus to use over 4 days for either 2 or 4 people.
  3. They offer the “Classic Menu” (including carbs), “Low Carb Menu” and a “Vegetarian” option.
  4. Deliveries are made on Monday 
  5. Orders placed before 4pm on Wednesday will arrive the next Monday, orders after Wednesday will be delivered the following Monday.
  6. You can pause and resume the service as you wish
  7. As from September, you can choose which meals you want included in your box (for now it’s set)

Signing up for the week was a breeze, it took maybe 10 minutes.  We have been keeping gluten to a minimum in our home for a while now, so the obvious choice for us was the Low Carb Menu.  A box full of yummy ingredients was delivered bright and early on the Monday morning with 4 recipes for – Lamb Sliders, Shakshukka, Tuna Balls with Cucumber Salad and Mustard Chicken with Greens for four people.






My overall experience?

The meals were super easy to make (the recipes were easy to follow), nothing took me longer than 30 minutes (except for the Shakshukka because I didn’t have the right lid for my pan) and the meals were really tasty, with a good blend of spices and flavour.

The only crit that I have, is that the Low Carb option didn’t provide enough to fill our hungry supper time tummies.  There was enough protein, but not enough veg to fill us up.  (I have raised this with them and they are already looking into it – how is that for efficient!).  I have heard that the Classic Menu is really filling though, so it’s not across the board.

If you are keen to try out the service head on over here.

While I love getting to try out new experiences through our blog, nothing brings me more joy than being able to extend that experience to you.  You guys take the time to pop in here every now and then and read what I have to say and it really blows my mind.  You are all awesome.  And so, because Daily Dish For You is also awesome, we will be giving away 3 boxes of 4 meals to 3 different people!


To win one of the boxes of yumminess, all you need to do is live in Cape Town/Johannesburg/Pretoria and share on FB or Twitter and let me know (by commenting below) which one you did:

  • Share this post on Facebook by clicking that little button at the bottom of this post
  • Share this post on Twitter by clicking the little birdie button at the bottom of this post – make sure your tweet includes our handles (@cindyalfino AND @dailydishforyou)

Entries close on 31 August and winner announced Monday 1 September 2014.

80 thoughts on “Review And Giveaway – Daily Dish For You, And You AND You! (3 WINNERS!)

  1. I wanna win I wanna win! This would come in handy so much. Hubby working night shifts, and we moving and I start studying this week at cput and I work fulltime and I’m a fulltime Mommy and I have no time or energy to go grocery shopping and I hate doing the grocery shopping… hahaha

    I tweeted, facebooked, reblogged and telling everyone I work with lol

  2. I shared on twitter and facebook!!!! This is exactly what I need to stay on the straight and narrow! GLUTEN and DAIRY free!!! I just love this so much will get my health back if I join Daily Dish. Thk u for all the educational information Cindy!

  3. Reblogged this on The Stiletto Mum and commented:
    Just a heads up for an awesome competition, make sure you read and like the post, but don’t enter because I want/need/have to win this.

  4. I have re-blogged, tweeted, shared on my Facebook page and complemented you like crazy… I’m in Cape Town and if I win you have a dinner invite. #holdingthumbs

  5. Simply AMAZING! This is the most nifty idea i have ever heard of, i’m no chef and seriously i am sure my meals get extremely boring, oh my sole how this would change my cooking creativity 🙂 Going to share on FB and Twitter as soon as internet plays nice with me lol.

  6. Shared, commented, facebook, tweeted…just need morse code and pigeon messenger now 🙂
    Fingers crossed!!!!!

  7. Isn’t that daily question of “what the heck do I cook tonight?” Just the Pits? This is an awesome idea and an even better prize! You bet your bottom dollar I Tweeted this baby!

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