Riya- Ray – Today You Are 4!


My baby girl, you are not a baby any more!

Today we celebrate you turning 4 and despite initially being a bit bummed that you were getting older (when you just woke up), you were much happier when you opened your special present and took your giant cupcake cake to school to share with your class.  I must say that I am now the one that is bummed in that I am not able to spend the rest of your special day with you.


I have been so very blessed to have you in my life these last four years.  Your joy and exuberance for life is catchy and it’s basically impossible to ignore your quirky character – not that I’d want to ignore you, but you know what I mean.

You have become your own little person, separate from copying your sister.  You do things your own way now, happily playing with your babies in your room alone, not needing anyone to play with you for you to be content.  If Kyla is drawing you don’t need to be drawing with her, you make up your own games and dress your own way.  You are your very own “you” now.

You have decided that you no longer wanted to be kissed.  Not even at all.  So your initial uproar when we try and give you kisses and cuddles always ends with that giggly belly laugh of yours.  I savour those moments.  I try and press record in my head, so that whenever I am down I can replay them in my mind, it’s as close to bottled happiness as you could get.

These precious times (and more) remind me how much I value those little moments – please don’t let them stop!  Not that you really have a choice.IMG_20140627_155859

Being able to be at your side and witness your growth and understanding in the last four years has been my absolute privilege.  You are quick to react in anger often resulting in a sibling with a sore spot, but you are learning to acknowledge when you are wrong.  Saying sorry used to be very hard for you to do, but now you’ve even said it without any prodding and I couldn’t be prouder.

Even though you may not be my first born that made me a Mom, you help me to be a better Mom.  You teach me new things every day and expanded my heart to love you in ways I didn’t know were possible (before you were born).

I love you more than words can express and your mind can fathom.

I can’t wait to spend the next year with you, getting to watch you continue to grow into a wonderful little human.


5 thoughts on “Riya- Ray – Today You Are 4!

  1. Speaking of bottling happiness… we recently went on an incredibly enriching development course at work, which involved a lot of introspection and learning about self. During the course, the coach taught us the technique of anchoring happy feelings so that you can recall the way you felt at your(happiest, proudest and most inspired) at any moment. Maybe try creating an anchor so you really can feel those happy feelings whenever you need to. First, pick your anchor (e.g. tugging your earlobe, scratching your nose, pressing your fingers together) then close your eyes and take some time to recall a time when you felt your happiest (truly, overflowing, joy), then remember a time you felt your proudest, followed by recalling a time you made a very difficult decision and experienced a positive outcome. When recalling these experiences, really picture yourself back there, smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the feelings… then carry out your anchor. You should then be able to use your anchor to bring these feelings back when you need them, using your anchor. 🙂

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