We Saw Tinkerbell At The Park!

Fairies are one of the many new “hits” in our household, and though so many people freak out that their girls are obsessed about one day growing up to be a princess who marries her prince (and therefore not really having any real aspirations), I’m not so sure that’s altogether a terrible thing.  Making sure that you don’t just settle for some loser that treats you like dirt is something I would like them to remember.

Actually don’t get me started on the pro’s and con’s of fairytales cos I won’t stop.  For instance, if Cinderella’s shoe fit so well, why did it fall off?!   Anyway, their obsession with all things make believe is probably my own fault for letting them watch the Disney Channel for too long.

So aaaaanyway…

That’s just random background.  The real story here is that we were invited to celebrate a very special friends birthday party at the park and the theme was Tinkerbell.  My girls almost died of excitement when I told them about it and showed them the invitation!  Unfortunately I told them waaaay to early, so every single night we had to count down how many sleeps were left before we could go to the party. Finally it was just one more sleep before they could go and sing Happy Birthday to Leah and play with all their other friends that they actually hadn’t seen in so long.

On the day the girls insisted that they wear their traditional “party dresses” that you may have seen before…  A lot.  I promise that they do have other clothes.  Really they do.  We joined all the rest of the fairies and Peter Pan’s at the park to celebrate our dear Leah’s birthday.  What a great party it was!  Her Mommy pulled out all the stops and really threw a very cool party!  There was a Tinkerbell cake, party packs, treasure hunt AND special Tinkerbell cupcakes that had tiny little Tinkerbell shoes on them (but I forgot to get a picture of these :/).  However I managed to get a few other shots of the day, so enjoy!


Check out the detail of this Tinkerbell cake that was done by Jolene and not only did it look fantastic but it tasted fantastic too! IMG_1360


The awesome Tinkerbell birthday girl, totally owning that slide.IMG_1303



Tinkerbell had a few followers.IMG_1281

I love this picture of Kyla.  Like really I do.  It’s just so her!IMG_1287

Precious little Naomi.IMG_1268

Tinkerbell rocking it out!IMG_1350


Ella very seriously wanted Sadie to take her finger out of her mouth.  It was so concerning to her, but she was so very sweet in trying to get that across to Sadie.  Such lovely girls!IMG_1336

How cool does this Peter Pan look!!IMG_1323






4 thoughts on “We Saw Tinkerbell At The Park!

  1. Ah man, I love that I can look back on your blog and get such awesome pic’s of my girls bdays 🙂 *blush* because as you know I always forget to take my own pics. Please can I get these pic’s from you soon! xx

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