It’s The Thought That Counts

So in case you missed it, yesterday was Mothers Day.  If you missed it and you are a Dad, you probably realised that you missed it when you found yourself sleeping on the couch last night?

If you’re a Mom, I hope that you got the chance to have a hot beverage while it was still hot from being made the first time around, got to shower or go to the loo unsupervised by little eyes or even just had a chance to sit and take in how amazing it is that we are blessed to look after these very special little people in our lives.  Because let’s face it, Mother’s Day by any other name is actually just another day.

No matter how hard Seth tried to make sure that I did as little as possible, my children fought back and made sure that it was just like every other day.  But really, I expected it.  Which actually made the day so much better than previous years where I was silly enough to think that my tiny baby children would realise that this is a day to give Mommies a “break” – puh-lease!  And do you know what, after I got over myself and how selfish I can be, I totally enjoyed spending time with my kiddo’s, so despite the crazy hecticness of it all, we had fun!

Despite all three kids joining us in bed throughout the night before and us being a bit zonked, we managed to have a jampacked day.  Most of the night disturbances were due to Riya, thanks to a bit of a cough she’s got going on which resulted in her coughing so much that vomiting soon ensued, which was then follow up with more coughing and pulling my hair for the rest of the night (her calming mechanism and my anti-calming mechanism).  After I was woken up by Knox poking his fingers in my eyes, I was then properly woken up and surprised by the girls carrying in a present and some flowers that they had picked in the garden – accompanied by toast and tea that Seth had made (thank goodness – I don’t think the girls are up for that just yet!).

Then it was the usual routine of morning getting doneness and church, followed by a quick dash home to fetch my Mom and then a trip through to the Waterfront.  Knox slept pretty much the whole way through lunch which was quite cool because then we only had to worry about the girls.  Riya was still not really feeling that great and was extra tired from the lack of sleep from the night before so she was a little bit miserable, but Kyla loved the food and even got her face painted.










The girls had been begging to go to the Waterfront or the place with “the roundy roundy slide” for weeks.  Finally we actually went and unleashed them on the park for a bit.  Once Riya’s nose was running down to her chin we decided to call it a day and headed inside.  It was then that Seth casually suggested ice-cream.  You cannot, under any circumstances mention ice-cream in front of the children unless you intend on giving it to them or if you intentionally want to have the whole of the Waterfront explode.  So we went for ice-cream.  And it was amazing!




It was a lovely day.  Thank you Seth for trying to make it extra awesome.  I love you and our munchkins so very much!

3 thoughts on “It’s The Thought That Counts

  1. Thanks for the lovely day out with you all. It was great. i apologise for the glum grumpy look on the face, in the last pic. must have been an extra cold lick of delish coffee icecream. !!! thanks for sharing it Cinz. Not!!

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