Sibling Love And Turned Up Collars

I never had a sister, but I had a younger brother.  We had good times and we had bad times (I remember a particular episode in the parking lot of the butchery which ended with one of us locked outside the car and the other one fuming inside with spit on their face – the things that we did in anger, so silly) but for the most part we enjoyed our time together.  I think the relationship that you have with any sibling involves a lot of fighting and ripping each other off, until someone else tries to do the same thing and then you stand up for your sibling like you never knew you could – or at least that made up a fair share of our time growing up.

At the moment Knox can still do no wrong in the girls eyes – except maybe pull their hair.  Kyla is especially over-protective over him – if we are driving in the car and he starts crying (his new favourite thing to do), she will cry in frustration that he is upset.  She puts his dummy in, holds his hand, does little puppet shows for him with his toys and sings a song to him to let him know that everything is ok.  It goes kind of like this, “It’s OK Knoxy, it’s OK Knoxy, it’s OK Knoxy…”  Over and over in all different tunes and pitches – it’s very sweet.

One morning this week we dressed Knox up in this shirt that he got from my precious friend Lindi in the UK.  I think he looks just edible in it!!  It doesn’t close over his deliciously round tummy, but it still looks pretty cool.  Oh and before you ask, that is NOT a blue skirt that he is wearing, it’s his blanket.







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