From Twins To Triplets

Going out in public always entails the same thing for us no matter where we go.  Sometimes it’s just a whisper, other times an assumed statement made to their friends, but more frequently we are asked the same question, “Are they twins?“…  I’m not kidding if I tell you that we get asked it about 10 times an outing.  (What’s the big deal with twins anyway?  Except that the parents deserve a medal for handling two screaming babies at once and everyone surviving in one piece.)  It happens so much that I have a recorded answer in my head that I say without even thinking – sometimes without them even saying anything, “No they’re not, they are a year and two weeks apart.  Yeah it’s crazy, they are the same size.  That’s true, they might not really be twins but it sure feels like they are.”  Sorry if I have ever given you that answer.

The other day we met at our new local haunt with more friends.  These are special friends of ours and the girls constantly request to see them.  But check it out…  How much do they look like they could be triplets?!  Weird hey?  Even though we as parents don’t really look anything alike at all!






I love that Kyla takes on a bit of a Mommy role – showing Leah the bridges, the toys and making sure she is OK and looked after.  Such a sweet girls they are!IMG_8175




These two in particular look so exceptionally alike!IMG_8189





5 thoughts on “From Twins To Triplets

    • It is pretty awesome! It’s Keurboom park which is in Claremont/Newlands area. It’s very cool because it has an enclosed park area – especially if you have toddlers who tend to want to toddle off!

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