Puddle Splashing… A New Adventure

It’s kind of an unspoken rule that our kids are not allowed to get dirty.  Ever.  Sounds like fun, I know.  But when their Dad is a bit of an OCD clean freak and comes from a long line of people who like to have things in order and never, ever dirty, it somehow gets passed down to the kids.

But this past weekend I let the girls put on their wellies and let them loose on a puddle in the car park at Mamma’s and Munchkins.  Boy did they love it!  That is, until they discovered how it dirtied their pants and then they freaked out until I changed their pants.

And who says the girls are nothing like Seth?!



Realisation of the dirtiness hits…

One thought on “Puddle Splashing… A New Adventure

  1. i hope Thumper is a real boy and likes getting dirty… in our house, we embrace puddles, mud, sandpits and bugs! So he’s welcome to come learn from E, how to get dirty and LOVE it!

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